Sari Cobb: ‘Honest customer service’ |

Sari Cobb: ‘Honest customer service’

To the editor:

In this busy corporate, gotta make a buck world of ours, real honest customer service is so very hard to find.

If you are having reception or sync issues with your cell

phone, you can call an 800 number and hang there for hours with no resolution or you can send an email and pray for a response — but not with Union Wireless.

RaChell Novacek and Carson Hawkins have worked tirelessly for five days (including the weekend) to resolve my problem, and they did not give up until we had it fully resolved to my satisfaction.

I just knew that at some point one of them would say, “We’re sorry, but there is nothing further we can do,” or worse yet, “It will cost you an additional (dollar figure) to resolve this.”

Not only was the resolution free, it was friendly with real people who I could understand and who guided me at my level and not in advanced technical lingo.

Even though it was a bit frustrating at times, as RaChell would say, ”It’s all good.”

I am so impressed and thrilled with their service that Union Wireless has this customer for as long as they are in business.

Sari Cobb

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