Santa: Thank you |

Santa: Thank you


To the editor:

I would like to take a moment to thank a few people for their help during the past few weeks. First to all my friends and family that help with the float for the Parade of Lights: Jack, George, Karen, Kathy, Craig, Rhonda, Stan, Lance, Laurie, Cody, Olivia, Coley, Sean, Bud and Mrs. C. Thank you all. Thank you, Larry Neu and Northwest Diesel, for use of your shop every year to build the float. Chris for the use of trailer and generator.

Now for what I think is well deserved, thanks is to Frank and Tammi Hanel for all they do to put on the KRAI Holiday Drive every year. They are tireless in their effort to help the community by helping to raise money, toys, food, supplies and gifts. Along with them, we need to thank Mikd Fuller, Mandy Cramblett, Marcy Maramuto with DRAI and all the volunteers from the high school and the local businesses and organizations. Also, a special thanks to who guys who were rock solid both days in very cold conditions — Greg Smith and Cody Reynolds who just wanted to help. Thank you. Also, to a guy who came down from the warm state of Wyoming to help and say hi to old friends in below zero conditions — Rick Allen, thank you. Now, last but not least, I would like to say thank you to all the people of Craig and Moffat County for their kindness and support for another great Holiday Drive. Give yourself a big hand. I don’t want to forget all the businesses that supplied us with food and drink during the drive. Thank you very much. In closing, I would like to say this is why I enjoy being here, because of all you do for one another.

Merry Christmas!



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