Sandy Beran: How little we know |

Sandy Beran: How little we know

To the editor:

After reading about the investigation of Christopher Wilson’s death, I was struck by how little we know about one another. We only know a little slice of those we walk beside. How can we be more approachable, more helpful to those who are struggling?

I especially think of this for our teenagers and for our young adults, who many times feel isolated.

Chris and his family are our friends. I know Chris from being at the Hayden Speedway, cheering for his dad, his brother, or for my husband, and others. I know him from family times, picnics and social situations. Most recently, I know Chris from standing next to him up front in church. Chris, my husband, myself and quite a few others were asking God to forgive us for wrong choices and to use us to spread His love.

I have heard that Chris was spreading God’s love. I heard from many people how he was encouraging to them and cared about people. That reminded me of my high school years.

I loved God, had Jesus in my heart and loved my parents, but I made some dangerous and unhealthy choices. I especially did that when there wasn’t much else going to choose from. I have to admit, even as a happily married woman, mother, grandmother and Pastoral Counselor, I still struggle making right choices. I have to rely on God’s strength and focus on “things above” instead of myself.

I think our community needs a safety net for our youth and actually for all of us. Drugs and other unhealthy paths are so available. Suicide looms over our mountain region like a sinister shadow. I know there are agencies and centers that are doing a great job in the fight for alternatives and information, and they are critical to our community. I am talking more of a grassroots support of caring for those in our sphere of influence, our friends and neighbors.

What positive resources and activities do we need in our community that we don’t have now? What was or is helpful to you in making positive choices and living a fulfilling life? What were some of the strengths you developed to get through hard times and how did you begin to find them? How could a community safety net be put together?

Please send your answers or questions in letters to the editor of the Craig Daily Press or email me at I’ll combine the information I receive online with what I read in the paper. I’ll write in another letter to the editor with the results in one month. Please sign your name and, if you want, give your age. This survey is for all ages. I will not use names in the letter with the results unless you request that I list your name.

Please respond. I believe that by our knowing how to care for those around us, we can make a difference and maybe be a model for other communities.

Sandy Beran