Sand Wash Basin foal euthanized |

Sand Wash Basin foal euthanized

Craig Daily Press Staff Report
A Sand Wash Basin foal has been euthanized.
Sasha Nelson

— An injured foal from the Sand Wash Basin wild horse herd was euthanized Wednesday, however the foal’s death had nothing to do with the bait and trap currently taking place in the basin.

The Sand Wash Basin Advocates Team (SWAT) had been monitoring the foal that had sustained injuries to its legs and was losing weight.

The Bureau of Land Management is conducting an unrelated bait and trap operation to remove 50 young horses and treat 200 mares with PZP to help control the population.

Yet the foal succumbed to injuries that were not related to BLM’s efforts to remove horses from the herd.

They gave SWAT permission on Tuesday to put the injured foal into foster care, according to the group’s Facebook page.

BLM’s contractor, Cattoor Livestock Roundup Company, of Utah, voluntarily assisted the group to capture the foal.

“The contractor, Cattoor, hopped on his saddle horse and went looking for him. It wasn’t much later that he came back with little Fireburst (SWAT’s name for the injured foal) following behind,” stated the SWAT Facebook update.

Its injuries were examined.

It was “found to have shattered bones and massive infection in his feet. He was euthanized and buried at the home of the kind man who took a day off work to help us rescue him,” stated the Facebook update.

Again, the removal was not a part of the bait and trap operation. No horses have been injured or killed during BLM’s bait and trap operations that began on Nov. 9.

A complete story about the operation and the horses is scheduled to appear in Saturday’s newspaper.