Sand “Rocky’s” Muddy Buddy obstacle course raises funds, promotes fun |

Sand “Rocky’s” Muddy Buddy obstacle course raises funds, promotes fun

Heidi Dickhaut/ For the Craig Daily Press
Sandrock teachers and students participated in the Sand “Rocky’s” Muddy Buddy obstacle course on Oct. 3.

Sandrock teachers and students participated in the Sand “Rocky’s” Muddy Buddy obstacle course on Oct. 3.

Every year, each school in Moffat County has its students participate in fundraisers. It’s just a part of school life.

The money raised goes back to the school to help support additional programs for kids and teachers. The Parent Advisory Committee and the principal help decide what fundraiser to do, how to kick it off, what prizes or incentives there will be, etc.

This year, Sandrock Elementary School had a goal for every student to sell at least 10 items. In order to get the kids excited about selling, the PAC planned a motivational reward event. This is how the Sand “Rocky’s” Muddy Buddy obstacle course was derived. Each student that sold at least 10 items was able to participate in the obstacle course in some way. All of the other students got to cheer the teachers on.

On Oct. 3, after the fundraiser was over and all the items were tallied, the event was on. Of course, the weather didn’t want to play nice but thankfully, the snow held off until after the kids got to play. The contestants for the course were Mrs. Siminoe (principal), Mr. Hurst (PE teacher), Ms. Forbes (special education) and Ms. Piatt (fourth-grade teacher). The course started off with hula hoops, and while the teachers were trying to make that work, the kids got to throw water balloons at them just to keep it challenging. Then they made their way to a balance beam and had to balance while rubber chickens flew all around them. After that, the kids squirted water (yes, it was cold) at them while they had to meander through human hurdles then make their way through a human tunnel. The kids quite enjoyed watching their teachers crawl on the ground. Once they cleared the tunnel, there was a slide of goo — a concoction of pudding, Jell-O and cooked spaghetti — all the while being pummeled by handfuls of spaghetti. The final hurdle was a 5-foot climb over some gym mats and once they got to the other side, they were met with “mud pies” in the face. By the end, our contestants were covered from head to toe with all kinds of goop and every student had a big smile on their face.

The PAC would like to congratulate all the students who participated in the fundraiser, and especially to those who went above and beyond. Those funds will really help put on some fun programs for the kids that hopefully they will enjoy. A special “thank you” goes to City Market, Walmart and Trapper Mine for their generous donations. Thank you to all the parents who braved the weather to get everything set up. Finally, a gigantic thank you to Mrs. Siminoe, Mr. Hurst, Ms. Forbes and Ms. Piatt for being willing to wade through mud and muck just for the kids.

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