Safety center project begins |

Safety center project begins

Tyler Baskfield

Monday was a big day in the history of the future Moffat County Public Safety Center.

Wagner Construction from Craig has begun to shape the remaining lagoons of the old Craig water treatment plant into the building pad of the new safety center. Wagner construction began breaking dirt on the project with a small army of bulldozers and dump trucks. Crews have also begun to remove some of the structures that were left behind when the water treatment plant shut down. Unseasonably warm weather has allowed the project to continue beyond the traditional building season.

Jay Wagner, owner of Wagner Construction, is pleased with the progress that has been made since the project started. After two days of work Wagner is quick to point out that crews are already eight days ahead of schedule. The reason for being so far ahead of schedule is the site is working out much better than originally estimated.

“I think this site has turned out to be much better than expected,” said Wagner. “The design is excellent.”

Another discovery that has worked in favor of the project is there is enough on-site materials to create the building pad. It was originally thought crews were going to have to bring in fill dirt for the site but, according to Wagner, they are going to create a gravel pit near the back of the property that should supply all the necessary material for the building pad. According to Wagner, it will help keep the cost of the project down and should speed up the process.

Wagner believes the dirt work portion of the Moffat County Public Safety Center project will be completed by mid-January.