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Ryan D. Speaker: Thanks for help with apartment fire

Thanks for help with apartment fire

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the emergency crews (particularly the fire department) for their swift response to the fire at Timberglen apartments. I would like to thank the local and centennial chapters of the Red Cross, as well as the local hotels and merchants that have graciously helped us displaced tenants. I also would like to thank Renatta and the management crew for working very hard to resettle us, as well as the various tenants in Building A for their offers of assistance and simply for being neighborly.

Although local businesses have been charitable, I would like to say how ashamed I am of our community. As a tenant facing the threat of losing everything Wednesday night, it was disconcerting to see the countless number of residents pull up to watch the destruction and disruption of our lives. Shame on those of you who drove by to gawk, and those squawking on their cell phones encouraging friends and family to come by. There was nothing funny nor entertaining about that night. Anyone who unnecessarily drove or stopped by, please note your presence was unwanted, and please remember this the next time flames or flashing lights catch your attention.

To the irresponsible group who started the blaze: You inadvertently disrupted many lives that night. Some residents are being forced to move, and others are simply waiting for the electrical wires to be repaired. That you could laugh as the fire raged, making jokes about shish kabobs to the Daily Press, and return to the complex Thursday morning to laugh about it more — yet make no apologies to the dozen residents — is unthinkable. Perhaps you would show a trickle of remorse had you lost more than material possessions.

Ryan D. Speaker


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