Russell George: Vote ‘yes’ on 5A |

Russell George: Vote ‘yes’ on 5A

I am urging a “yes” vote on Colorado Northwest Community College Referred Measure 5A. Over the past several decades, each time the citizens have been asked to vote on a ballot question involving Colorado Northwestern Community College, the outpouring of support has been overwhelming. I believe the college has honored and respected that community trust, confidence and investment, as it has become a quality institution of higher learning of which we are all very proud.

With Referred Measure 5A, we are ready for the next logical step of growth and maturity for CNCC. We are ready to build the on-campus housing that will propel the college into a better competitive stance to attract new students from hundreds of miles away. We know from experience that, if we have supervised college housing, students will come.

From a business standpoint, raising public revenue to build the housing program is very sensible, because housing creates revenue and eventually pays for itself and supports continued growth.

Referred Measure 5A is the right tool to be applied at the right time. The enrollment boost at the college will occur almost immediately. The positive jump in the economy will quickly follow. Making this public investment now is a smart move for this community.

I urge citizens here to once again recognize the importance of funding CNCC locally by voting for and passing Referred Measure 5A. Many good things will come from this decision.

Russell George

Retired CNCC president