Rosemary Potter: Vote them out |

Rosemary Potter: Vote them out

To the editor:

Healthcare is like a three-legged stool, according to Dr. Kelly Victory, who has more degrees than a thermometer.

The legs are cost, access, and quality. They have to balance with each other or the stool falls over.

The stats on Obamacare do not look good at all, according to Dr. Victory. See what you think:

COST: The original estimation of the framers of this bill has been tripled until it has reached an astounding 2.6 trillion dollars – paid for by our taxes, of course. There are many fines and additional taxes for people and business owners who choose not to participate. It’s not like we have any real choices.

ACCESS: What happens when you add 30,000,000 patients, and take away 43,000 doctors, when we already have a shortage of 40,000 doctors? RATIONING! Coverage is not the same as access. You may have the card in your pocket, but have no place to use it. That’s like having a Starbucks gift card in your pocket, when there is no Starbucks available.

QUALITY: The quality of care will go down, not only because of rationing, but also because the 15-member non-elected panel, will determine if you are worthy to receive treatment or not.

For instance, girls under 21 will no longer be eligible to receive pap smears because being sexually inactive, they do not need them. Really!

People on dialysis will longer be qualified for cancer screening because they have a high rate of mortality. Seniors are especially vulnerable because they don’t have many more useful years anyway.

People have to be useful to society in order to qualify for the aid of society. (What does that say about unborn babies?)

This is a major philosophical change from true patient care to the administration of a business. It will take 17,000 new IRS agents to “oversee” the whole business, by having access to your personal medical and financial records!

And you will pay their salaries.

Dr. Victory knows what she’s talking about. She spent six weeks in a law library reading every one of the 2700 plus pages of the Obamacare bill — plus many insidious additions since then.

I wonder if Nancy Pelosi has read it yet. She wanted to pass it so she could find out what is in it! Remember?

You know we have to vote these people out.

This is America. We do not want the Gestapo prowling around in our hospitals or our bank accounts.

Rosemary Potter

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