Rosemary Potter: Protect your wallet |

Rosemary Potter: Protect your wallet

To the editor:

The results of the election on November 6 are going to affect you right smack in the wallet.

Take a look at what the last four years have done to your bottom line: In 2008, the average salary was over $54,000 – now the average is $50,054.

The price of gasoline rose 100 percent! The price of ground beef rose 23.7 percent, bacon rose 22 percent, and ice cream rose 19.1 percent.

Twenty three million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, 47 million are now on food stamps, 5.5 million homes are in crisis/foreclosure, $5.5 trillion of new debt has been accumulated by our government (meaning you and your descendants are in debt for many decades to come), $716 billion has been cut from medicare, $2.6 trillion is allocated for Obamacare (paid for by your taxes), $1.9 trillion new taxes are in Obama’s budget!

Have you had enough already? Exercise your vote to protect your wallet! Mitt Romney is your man!

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Rosemary Potter