Rosemary Potter: ‘Open violations’ of rights |

Rosemary Potter: ‘Open violations’ of rights

To the editor:

We have been bombarded with open violations of our U.S. Constitution by the highest officer of the land, President Barack Obama.

He delights in appointing czars and ruling by fiat to forward his agenda, even ignoring decisions of the judiciary.

Dismay and frustration are the order of the day for those of us who value the freedoms our Constitution guarantees.

Apparently, the mechanism for such guarantees is badly in

need of a swift kick. Our Congress, which is supposed to keep the president in line either cannot or will not.

So, what to do?

Here are two organizations which have a great track record of making inroads to arousing Congress and the public to action: The Heritage Foundation, a research and

report organization, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., right under the noses of our Congress.

They not only give the results of their research to Congress, but to us. You can Google them, and rejoice in what they have accomplished, and what they’re working on now.

The second organization is only two years old, but do they have a record of getting things done.

It is the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Their drive right now is to get out the conservative vote like they did in Wisconsin and New Jersey, where they had great and surprising victories.

They point out that President Obama won by eight million votes. Their goal is to register many more conservative voters — they estimate 18 million potential voters — who will be the deciding factor in November.

They have proven they can do it, and we can help them. It does much to alleviate the frustration.

The most effective means of alleviating dismay and frustration is found in scripture: Paul writes to Timothy, “First of all, then, I advise you that petitions, prayers, holy

requests and thanksgivings be made for all men; for kings and all that are in high places, that we may lead a peaceable and quiet life in all godliness and honor.” (I Timothy 2:1-2)

You don’t have to get on the net, only on your knees.

Rosemary Potter

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