Rosemary Potter: ‘Get rid of Obama’ |

Rosemary Potter: ‘Get rid of Obama’

To the editor:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, should be renamed. It should be called The Affordable Management Act.

Under that law, healthcare is to be managed like a business, with the most disposable human beings, unborn babies and old people, being jeopardized to insure that this plan is “affordable” for the rest of the population.

All Americans are forced to purchase health insurance that could cover abortion, and in some cases, is required to cover abortion.

This law also opens the door to Planned Parenthood-run clinics in public middle schools and high schools, which clinics could provide “counseling” and “referrals” which could include abortions and abortion related services. This provision violates the religious freedom of millions of people who believe that abortion is murder.

On the other end of life, are the people on Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans are to be abolished, Medicare reimbursement to physicians is to be lowered by $700 billion over 10 years.

This will motivate up to 83% of physicians to retire or seek other work, based on a recent survey conducted by the Doctor Patient Medical Association. An astounding 74 percent of those surveyed said they “will stop accepting Medicare patients or leave Medicare completely.”

Even more disturbing is the deprivation of care for seniors that will be inevitable when “Obama-management” establishes the Patient Centered Outcome Institute.

This group will determine what treatment is permissible based on the age and overall health of the patient. Similar panels are in place in Canada and the United Kingdom in order to limit health care spending on seniors.

They, like unborn babies, are not considered valuable enough to spend limited resources on.

The 30,000,000 uninsured people to be covered under “Obama-management” would be far better served by state and local programs much better suited to determine who is really in need, and how to meet those needs responsibly. Tort reform, and insurance that is valid across state lines, and would also bring medical costs down.

We don’t need Federal Government Management to control one sixth of the nation’s spending. It is well known that whenever they handle other people’s money (your taxes) they are like drunken sailors in a far-away port.

Just look at the record of the present administration.

The only way to prevent “Obama-management” from harming our people further is to get rid of Obama.

Rosemary Potter

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