Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 4 (Do not set to live) |

Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 4 (Do not set to live)

This is part four of a four-part letter from Maybell resident Rose White concerning the care she received at TMH.

To the editor:

During the entire verbal exchange/intimidation/harassment — whatever you choose to call it — I had with Jennifer Riley, the only time George Rohrich opened his mouth about anything was the recliner.

I felt George Rohrich did not uphold his position of CEO as he stood next to Jennifer with a smirk on his face as Jennifer Riley continued to attempt to bully me. I felt they both acted very unprofessionally with their words and their actions.

This has to be about the most unprofessional event I have ever witnessed, much less been a part of. And this is coming from the CEO and his Chief of Organizational Excellence?

Are you kidding me? What a shining example they are setting as representatives of the Memorial Hospital!

I received great care at TMH starting with the emergency room staff, Dr. McClananan and Dr. Lee, the nursing staff, radiology, respiratory therapists, phlebotomists, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietary staff (great food!), housekeeping staff and the Pink Ladies!

And I believe that to be in spite of the administration and certainly not because of them.

Up to Friday morning when I got the visit from hell I had nothing but positive things to say about TMH and the care I received. Plus how accommodating they were to my husband.

Now I just want to see George Rohrich and Jennifer Riley GONE – YESTERDAY — before this hospital gets such a bad reputation and sued so many times we can’t afford to keep it open.

I read and hear so much negativity regarding TMH and about so many people going to Steamboat Springs for health care.

That’s nuts!

This hospital belongs to the citizens of Moffat County. We own it and we are paying for it.

The Memorial Hospital should be run the way WE want it ran and it should accommodate our needs. What a shame that we have put this much time, money and effort into having a new hospital and then have the current administration ruin it for everyone.

The Hospital Board needs to step up and do the job they volunteered to do. If they don’t have the stomach for it, then please, resign, and allow someone else to do what needs to be done.

It is time, way past time.

Rose White

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