Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 3 (Do not set to live) |

Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 3 (Do not set to live)

This is part three of a four-part letter from Maybell resident Rose White concerning the care she received at TMH.

To the editor:

The third irritating thing I noticed about the Memorial Hospital: the lights, the grand finale to the visit from hell.

I admit these lights were getting on my very last nerve.

There are two little buttons on the control by the bed. They have little light bulbs on them. A reasonable person would assume that means that you can control TWO lights with those TWO switches.

Well you would be wrong.

You will be able to control ONE light with ONE switch, sometimes! And you have no control over which light will work or when it will work. I am not exactly sure how, but whether the one switch works or not has something to do with the way it is turned off at the wall switch, I think.

The second switch is apparently strictly for decorative purposes because no one has seemed inclined to try to wire it in. Maintenance let me know loud and clear that it had always been that way and that was the way it would stay.

Such a small thing and it is so darn irritating to me!

After spending five days in that hospital I can honestly tell you that nursing personnel at TMH earn every nickel of the paltry wages they are paid. They work 12-hour shifts and there is no strolling up and down the halls, they go at top speed continually.

There are always alarms of some type beeping, call lights on, patient care, medications to be given correctly and at the correct time, medication changes to keep on top of and that is just a small part of what they do, and they do it all with a smile.

And they are ALWAYS asking if there is anything they could do for me. If you really like to be waited on hand and foot I guess you would love it.

I don’t, I hate it! I hate having to ask for help, especially if it is something I could so easily do myself.

I tried to explain to George Rohrich and Jennifer Riley how annoying it is to have to call the nursing staff to turn the light on and off. Jennifer Riley informed me “that is their job!”

At that point I totally lost it. My language went in the toilet right along with my attitude.

I did say it was not their job and that Jennifer should haul her “posterior” out there and follow them around for a couple days and maybe she would develop a little respect and appreciation for what they do.

But this also comes back to a safety and liability issue.

When you are really sick you do not think clearly. Had I tried to get up and operate the lights myself I could have caused a multitude of other dangerous possibilities.

Who do you think would have been responsible? And Moffat County would not have an adequate defense because they knew of the problem and did nothing.

Rose White

To read the letter in its entirety, visit Part four will appear in an upcoming edition of the Craig Daily Press.

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