Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 2 (Do not set to live) |

Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 2 (Do not set to live)

This is part two of a four-part letter from Maybell resident Rose White concerning the care she received at TMH.

To the editor:

The first of the three irritating things I noticed about the Memorial Hospital involved the recliners in the rooms. They are a liability to Moffat County that must be remedied before a patient or a guest is injured and a lawsuit follows.

You cannot recline, and stay there; it just goes back down for no rhyme or reason. If you want any chance of it staying back it is necessary to put the trash can under the footrest and even that may not work!

George Rohrich has known about the problems with the recliners since shortly after the hospital opened. Yet he acted like he had never heard of any problem with the recliners.

Jennifer Riley said, “well she doesn’t have enough weight to keep it back.”

I am assuming she meant me, but I was not using the recliner. It was my husband who tried to rest there because he was with me nearly 24/7 for this stay.

And what does weight have to do with anything, really?

As CEO and Chief of Organizational Excellence I would think that the safety of patients and guests would be a priority. Knowing about the problem and resulting safety issue and doing nothing to remedy it would, I think, be opening Moffat County to a lot of liability.

On a side note: A friend stopped by to visit me the very next day and the first comment she made was about the recliners and that she and several others had brought them to the attention of administration shortly after the hospital opened. She was surprised they had done nothing to remedy the problem.

Her solution when she had to stay with a family member was to tie two-gallon jugs of water to the rail on the back of recliner AND put a trash can under the footrest.

Why have these chairs not been replaced? They were apparently defective when they were purchased. Why were the chairs not returned when they were brand new for a full refund or exchange?

The second irritating thing: The TV control would not work through the control attached to the bed. You have to use a separate remote with it that sometimes was not responsive.

And, if a visitor left the remote out of my reach I could either bear with it or call the nurse. I lived with it.

Apparently the TV controlled by the remote attached to the bed had been broken for some time and had been replaced with the one currently in the room. They were aware of it.

When there were other empty rooms, why are they using that room if they were aware of it? Who makes those decisions? And, what are the criteria?

This is also a liability issue that the CEO and his Chief of Organizational Excellence have chosen to ignore instead of taking the appropriate action to remedy the problem. Once more they were unconcerned with potential lawsuits, much less safety.

Rose White

To read the letter in its entirety, visit Parts three and four will appear in upcoming editions of the Craig Daily Press.

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