Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 1 |

Rose White: Change needed at TMH, part 1

This is part one of a four-part letter from Maybell resident Rose White concerning the care she received at TMH

To the editor:

I recently found myself as a patient at The Memorial Hospital. Please bear with me, I need to start from the beginning for any of this to make sense.

I was admitted to the hospital via the Emergency Room Sunday night, Dec. 9. By Thursday afternoon I was feeling much better and able to finally get out of bed for a couple short forays in the hallway.

Friday started out as another positive day health wise. I was thrilled knowing I would soon be going home.

That thrill was short-lived!

Following my first morning stroll of the hallways, pleased that I had gone much further than before, but flat on my back again because I was exhausted, is when I got the visit from hell!

Talking to my “escort” as we walked, I mentioned something about the survey I would be receiving after being released and I would have to remember to include a couple things in the room that could be improved upon.

Absolutely NOT complaints on my part, just conversation. I also know that things cannot be fixed if you are not aware of them. It happens.

My “escort”, knowing I was not going home yet, mentioned to someone (I don’t know who, and it really doesn’t matter), there were some things in my room that if they were repaired, would make my stay more pleasant. Everything went south from there.

To my “escort” – Thank you for coming to me with a heartfelt apology and an explanation for your actions that makes perfect sense. It takes a very big person to do that, especially when you really did nothing to cause the visit from hell.

I had not been back in my room 5 minutes and here came Jennifer Riley, Chief of Organizational Excellence, storming into my room in her usual confrontational, in your face, “I am right and when I leave here you’ll know it” attitude.

I know exactly how she is. I have tried to have discussions with her before. In my opinion, you cannot DISCUSS anything with Jennifer Riley, ever. And, she is accompanied by George Rohrich, CEO.

I tried to explain that I was NOT complaining. There were just three things that were a bit irritating but certainly nothing I could not live with.

Rose White

To read part two, visit or see Monday’s edition of the Craig Daily Press

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