Rogers: Christmas charity could be better organized |

Rogers: Christmas charity could be better organized

To the editor:

I was rather surprised by the lack of organization for the Christmas food baskets for the less fortunate.

The day everyone was supposed to pick up their food baskets at American Legion Post 62 was also the day of a big snowstorm a few days before Christmas. From my understanding, a lot of people were not able to make it there to pick them up due to the weather and road conditions.

Through several phone calls, I also found out that if you don’t make it to the American Legion to pick up your food basket, the items are then put back into the food bank and you are out of luck.

Due to the area we live in, a better planning strategy should be implemented, such as advertising for volunteers to deliver these baskets to people who would not be able to pick them up in adverse weather. I am sure there are a lot of people in this community who would be more than willing to volunteer their services and 4-wheel drive trucks to get these baskets to the needy.

My husband and I would be willing.

Unfortunately, due to the weather and poor planning, a lot of people went without this year.

Denise Rogers