Rodeo ropes Moffat County’s heart |

Rodeo ropes Moffat County’s heart

Catch-a-Pig contest adds squeals to rodeo at Moffat County Fair

Noelle Leavitt Riley
The Ridin' & Riggin' Days Rodeo made a debut at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Friday night where saddle bronc riding, along with eight other rodeo events, took place.
Noelle Leavitt Riley

Friday night’s activities at the Moffat County Fairgrounds were jump out of your seat exciting.

The inaugural Ridin’ & Riggin’ Days kicked off as the main attraction, and many of Craig’s favorite Moffat County High School students and graduates took to the arena, riding horses, wrestling steers and barrel racing in front of a packed crowd.

To top it off, the Catch-a-Pig contest saw record attendance with more than a hundred Moffat County kids, chasing greased pigs around the arena so they could bag one to keep.

The pig contest took place half way through the bucking and riding frenzy at the rodeo.

“We were real happy with the turnout,” said Heidi Suttee, who helped organize the Ridin’ & Riggin’ Days with her husband Jon Suttee.

The couple — from Encampment, Wyoming — were asked by the Moffat County Fair Board to organize a new rodeo for Moffat County residents.

“If you’re going to work with a fair board, you want to work with a good fair board. They are very good,” Heidi Suttee said, adding that they were thrilled to kick off a new rodeo during the fair.

Professional Rodeo Announcer J.W. Kinder kept the crowd going with his savvy jokes and enthusiastic spirit.

During the Catch-a-Pig contest, he carefully instructed the children and teenagers when it was time to run into the arena for the swine that were covered in vegetable oil.

Moffat County High School agriculture teacher Rick Murr donated the pigs, and if a kid caught one, they got to keep it.

Jenna Timmer, 13, and her sister Kaite Timmer, 7, both caught pigs.

“Geez Louise that thing was greasy,” Jenna Timer said. “It was really fun, and I did know that I was going to catch one.”

Overall, the rodeo was very well received, ending with wild and crazy bull riding that featured nine riders who had the crowd cheering.

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