Robin Schiffbauer named Volunteer of the Year by Moffat County United Way |

Robin Schiffbauer named Volunteer of the Year by Moffat County United Way

Erin Fenner
Moffat County United Way presented its Volunteer of the Year award to Robin Schiffbauer on Thursday. From left, Schiffbauer, Corrie Ponikvar, Gail Severson and Chelsey Hammer.
Erin Fenner

Moffat County United Way makes a point to annually honor residents who give back to the community with its Volunteer of the Year award.

This year, the organization recognized Robin Schiffbauer, who, among other things, volunteers for the community kitchen at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

Schiffbauer “is a silent, hard worker. She just sees what needs to be done, and does it,” said Gail Severson, who nominated Schiffbauer.

While United Way usually hands out the award at its yearly Volunteer Brunch, they had to be creative this time because Schiffbauer would be on vacation during the April 16 event.

So, United Way organized a surprise visit Thursday to Schiffbauer’s place of work, Moffat Family Clinic.

Corrie Ponikvar, executive director of Moffat County United Way, presented the award to Schiffbauer, and explained why the organization selected her.

“Not only does (Schiffbauer) volunteer hundreds of hours every year to our community, she does this while working a 40-hour-a-week job at Moffat Family Clinic,” Ponikvar read from a statement.

Tears welled up in Ponikvar’s eyes as she finished reading. Schiffbauer “volunteers when she sees a need in the community or when no one else steps up to help. She truly gives to the community from the heart.”

Schiffbauer has been volunteering in the community for nearly 20 years. She was a leader in launching the Moffat County Partners one-on-one mentoring program. She sits on the Craig Chamber of Commerce board, is active in the local Republican Party and takes part in several other committees.

Notably, Schiffbauer helped start the St. Michael’s Catholic Church community kitchen. She made sure the kitchen would receive food from the Wal-Mart food program, and she personally organizes food pickup for the Interfaith Food Bank, Love INC, the Boys & Girls Club of Craig, Horizons and Sunset Meadows, Ponkivar said.

Schiffbauer said she is driven by her higher power.

“I believe that it’s the holy spirit that moves me,” she said. “The holy spirit makes sure I always have the energy to do it.”

But, she gets support from the community, too, she said.

“I really couldn’t do it without all of you people to help,” Schiffbauer said.

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