Robbie Estus: Thank you, Craig |

Robbie Estus: Thank you, Craig

To the editor:

Saying Goodbye is hard to do.

How do you say goodbye to Craig and a way of life after 35 years? For the first thirty-plus years of my life I moves quite a bit; by the time I graduated from college, I had attended thirteen schools.

Now it is time to move again, but this time is different: I have lived in Moffat County for ever 35 years (Powder Wash Gas Camp for five years and in Craig since 1982.) I am leaving so many cherished friends and memories.

I taught school in Moffat County from 1977 to 2003 and had the privilege and joy of working with hundreds of children and their families as well as the caring teachers, nurses, and staff members it takes to help children grow and mature. What a delight to watch students learn to read, opening up a whole new world through books and now computers.

These were so many moments-most good, some sad, many funny. On the first day of school one year I told the children to line up to go to P.E. Everybody lined up except one little boy who said, “I don’t have to pee!”

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Teaching is a privilege and blessing and keeps one young at heart.

Craig has wonderful, caring, interesting, independent thinking people with so many cultural backgrounds and stories. These may not be the “Roy Rogers-cowboy movies” types of folks I envisioned as a child before I moved west, but these are the kind of down home folks that live and work in Moffat County!

It would take volumes to recount the thoughtfulness shown to my daughter and I by the great people of Craig.

Caring folks, like the ladies at the old gas station across from City Market who gave my daughter a savings bond; like the folks who helped me as I drove back and forth to Powder Wash when I got stuck in the snow drift late at night, had a blow out, or ran off the road on black ice; like the parents who made the time to volunteer in my classrooms; like the grocery store clerks who put my food on dry ice when needed, who delivered meds to me when I couldn’t get out, who sliced my meat, and did the many things grocery stores do each day.

Compassionate folks, like the police officer who took time to reassure my four year old daughter that law enforcement officers weren’t scary and didn’t go around killing people; and the police officers and sheriff office personnel who took my Power Wash kids and later my Ridgeview kindergartners around to talk about their work.

Serving folks, like at restaurants and fast food places that serve graciously and usually with a smile, the lady at the beauty shop who took care of my hair for all these years, the people who have helped me out many times with trailer repairs.

Healing folks, like the doctors and nurses in the clinic and at the hospital, who patiently cared for my daughter and I through the years (I’m not the easiest patient to draw blood from!) Of course there is the lady who eased my aches and pains with her soothing massages.

A lot of these folks I don’t know their names-like the sanitation workers who got out of his truck and helped me with my garbage can when I was struggling on crutches; folks at car repair who fixed and stored my tires and keep my car going; folks who sand the roads after now storms-these are the caring of Moffat County, folks who go the extra mile to help out.

Church folks of all denominations have impacted my life as well as the lives of others through their loving care. While working for Love INC. in the last eight years, these selfless people have helped those around them in all kinds of ways — giving their times, money, personal needs, food, furniture, household goods, even firewood; and helping people with house repairs, car repairs-in endless ways. Many stores, agencies, and other business have given to those in need, all working together to make our community a healthier, happier, better place.

Moffat County has lots of treasures- wide open skies, museums, good schools, good hunting and fishing, lots of special days for all kinds of activities, but the best treasure of all are the wonderful folks that live here. Thank You for being you and letting me be a part of your life in Craig, Colorado for these 35 years. I will carry you in my heart and prayers in this new season of my life as I move to Colorado Springs and find what new adventures God has for me there.


Robbie Estus