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Rita Kettle: Please, protect our kids

To the editor:

Stop child abuse. This subject has no doubt touched my heart. You hear about it in the news, you hear about it on the streets and read about it in the papers. Abused and neglected children are likely to abuse and neglect their own children. They face lifelong medical and psychological problems. They commit crimes that land them behind bars. Any kind of abuse is terrible. Abuse must be confronted and be recognized. The physical abuse can be seen and, in my opinion, can be addressed. A child hopefully can be put in a safer environment, although that can be questionable at times. Emotional abuse is when a child is criticized, insulted and rejected and when love is withheld by their parent or caregiver. Sexual abuse, the word says it all, is an inexcusable crime. Neglect abuse is a failure to provide a child’s basic physical, medical or emotional needs, such as leaving a child alone or failing to provide medical care. Maybe you know a child who is a victim of all of these crimes. I believe the system continues to fail our children, and many children die unnecessarily. Calls and pleads have fallen on deaf ears. I for one take on the challenge to fight for our children whose voices and cries go unheard and because of fear go unattended. I know my calling now, I will fight the good fight as in the song by Bob Seger, “Like a rock, my hands, where steady, my eyes clear and bright, my walk had purpose, my steps quick and light, I held firm to what I felt was right.” So, I challenge all of you, let’s fight for our children and stop the abuse. I just pray it’s not too late.

Rita Kettle


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