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Rick Nielson: Sad situation for animals

To the editor:

Another comment on the sad situation of our local deer and elk herd:

I’ve been a resident of Maybell for 42 years and have never witnessed a winter kill equal to the one in 2008.

I hiked the river bank in March from the Sunbeam Bridge west for about a mile and a half. I counted 115 dead elk and 30 deer. Across the river, on the south bank, I saw seven more dead elk.

It’s a shame that so many animals starved to death. It was a hard thing to see the deer and elk thin, cold, starving, begging and dying.

The hunters are seeing the result now with carcasses everywhere and few animals to shoot.

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You would think the DOW could have come up with a plan to take care of their animals so that they weren’t starving to death, aggressively bothering people who were feeding livestock and so that so much meat wasn’t wasted that could have been harvested.

Rick Nielson