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Rick Holford: Together, Craig can thrive

When I moved to Craig in 1972, the west side of Craig didn’t extend much past the courthouse, and hunters looked for deer where Shadow Mountain Village now stands. Then, Craig began to grow into what it is today. While change is inevitable, the changes that have happened to Craig most recently — the closing of K Mart and the deterioration of the Centennial Mall as a shopping center, to name just two — are disturbing.

Craig recently lost two stalwarts of our community in George and Anne Kidder, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, and now, we are losing Frank and Tammie Hanel. These people have meant so much to this town, and now, they will be gone. Retirement is taking them to be closer to their families, not because they are tired of Craig, but they are leaving nonetheless, and Craig will be negatively effected because of their departures.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a sense of fear for what we are becoming, once again just a small town in the far northwest corner of the state. Driving around town, I see homes abandoned and deteriorating that probably should be torn down and others that obviously have no one living in them but no for sale signs in the front yard.

But, having expressed that, there are signs of good things in Craig also. The expansion of Victory Motors, the opening of Villarta’s where Signal Hill once reigned as the place to dine, a new hotel on the west edge and the opening of the new and remodeled restaurant at the Yampa Valley Golf Course are all signs of improvement.

So, as we say goodbye to really good people who will be hard to replace, we should look forward to the future of our small town. Together, we can continue to thrive.

Rick Holford

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