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Rick Holford: Speak Up responses

Speak Up responses

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on some issues from the Speak Up letters in Tuesday’s Daily Press.

The Moffat County Boys & Girls Club has been successful since its opening and continues to provide a valuable service. Why should it not get good ‘press’? Other organizations simply have to call the Daily Press, and I’m sure they would be glad to send a reporter to cover any issues.

The underage drinking and drug problem is not the fault of the alcohol prevention organization the writer referred to and cannot be solved by any one organization. The solution to the underage drinking problem starts at home, with parental supervision. When will parents accept responsibility for the actions of their children and stop relying on someone or an organization to solve the problem for them? It’s too easy for parents to sit back and say “It’s not my problem, I can’t control my kid.” The underage drinking parties that are hosted by teens are held in teens’ homes, in many cases, with the approval of the parents. Therein lies the problem. Many parents see no problem with allowing their children to have drinking parties in their homes. Maybe the reason you can’t find anyone at the organization is because they are out doing their job of finding ways to combat a problem that began in the home. Stop passing the buck and get out and do something about it yourself.

We have three new county commissioners now. Not one of them is responsible for the actions of the previous group of commissioners. This group did not pave Moffat County Road 57. They did not create the monetary problems that the county is experiencing. Commissioners Steele, Gray, and Tayyara inherited the county’s problems when they took the oath of office. They ran for office knowing what the problems were and accepted the responsibility of fixing them. A ‘yes’ vote in November will go a long way toward helping them fix what someone else created. Instead of complaining, try coming to a commissioner meeting and voice your opinion. Give the commissioners credit. They were willing to accept the challenge. They need our support.

Rick Holford


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