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Rick Holford: Kudos to KRAI Holiday Drive volunteers

Having participated in the KRAI Holiday Drive over many years, I was especially pleased to see the new owner of the radio station so actively involved.

When Frank Hanel initiated the drive, it was designed to help as many people as possible during the Christmas season when people were struggling. Marcy Marimoto did an outstanding job with accomplishing a difficult task of putting everything together, basically on her own — gathering volunteers, feeding all of us, and generally keeping things running smoothly.

Probably, many people here in Craig didn’t think we would have the drive since KRAI Radio is now located in Steamboat. But now, many people, including children and seniors, will get to enjoy Christmas because of the work by Marcy and the volunteers and those who donated money, brought food, toys, clothing items, etc.

I had the impression that the current owner of KRAI, Don Tlapek, was impressed, as he spent the entire day on Friday with us in front of the Centennial Mall. Hopefully, the drive will continue far into the future so we can help make Christmas a joy for everyone.

Thanks to all involved, let’s do it again next year.

Rick Holford