Richard Warner: There is no better name |

Richard Warner: There is no better name

To the editor:

Having grown up in Craig and being a part of the Class of ’78, I, too, mourn the untimely losses of Doug, Mike and Steve Deyo. What an incredible group. Steve was in my class, and I remember him as funny, kind and a great athlete. Everyone knew Doug Deyo as “coach.” Of course, we saw him working at the swimming pool in the summers, too. To borrow the words of another classmate, Doug always had time for us kids and a fatherly concern. It seems that there is an opportunity to memorialize all of these men, by renaming the former high school football field at what now is the middle school, as: Deyo Field.
If it is not currently dedicated to anyone, I cannot think of a better name. A plaque to that effect would be an excellent touch. Just tell me and others where to send the money and we will get it done. 

Richard Warner

Fort Collins


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