Richard Doran: McConnell the right man |

Richard Doran: McConnell the right man

To the editor:

There is a matter of great importance taking place Monday at the Moffat County Courthouse in Craig.

A replacement will be selected to fill the Republican Senate District 8 seat recently vacated by Al White.

The vacancy committee of nine people including the chairs from the six county district will meet to make the choice.

These counties are Garfield, Routt, Moffat, Jackson, Rio Blanco and Eagle.

This decision will affect all of us.

It is fundamental to the conservative cause that we have appropriate people representing us in our state legislature, regardless of the district in which we reside.

Bob McConnell is the right choice to fill the District 8 Republican seat, primarily because he is the “candidate of the people,” not just “the party.”

To clarify, Bob is a dedicated Republican, he’s just not a member of the so called “establishment.”

The November election proved that conservative principles are in demand by “we the people,” and Bob’s principles of limited government, free market and fiscal discipline are much needed in our state government.

We here in District 7 are indeed fortunate to have Steve King representing us, and I urge those who want to help McConnell’s worthy cause to join with the many others in District 8 in contacting the chairpersons in the above listed counties to voice support and instill confidence with those involved in the selection process.

Regardless of the district, it is still “our” state legislature.

God Bless America and our state of Colorado.

Richard Doran