Reunion brings Class of 1947 back for 65th anniversary |

Reunion brings Class of 1947 back for 65th anniversary

The Craig High School Class of 1947 is shown above. Front row, from left, is Marceline (Bordeaux) Bott, Kathleen (Myers) Cline, Stella Hall, June (Irick) Collins, Grace (Brenner) Bishop, Maxine (Miller) Updike and Helen (Roe) Bond. Back row, from left, is Tom Petersen, Chuck Cline, Jim Solace, Glen Sherman and Dean Visintainer.

It was a weekend of reconnecting with friends and reliving old memories for 10 members of the Craig High School Class of 1947, who returned to Craig to celebrate their 65th reunion.

One of the recurring stories among classmates was "sneak day," an annual steal the flag challenge between the junior and senior classes each spring.

As juniors, the Class of 1947 was able to protect the school's American flag by greasing the entire length of the flag pole.

They backed up their performance the following year by outfoxing the junior class en route to successfully capturing the flag.

To celebrate, classmates decided a day off from school was in order.

The high school superintendent was not amused.

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"We had 60 students in our class and we almost all got kicked out of school," said Helen (Roe) Bond. "We all had to spend 30 minutes after school for the rest of the year just to graduate."

Remembering stories like "sneak day" with her best friends is why Marceline (Bordeaux) Bott enjoys attending class reunions.

Bott was born and raised in Craig, but currently resides on Whidbey Island in Washington.

She had the longest travel among those who returned.

"It was tiring, but fun," Bott said. "We can't ever sleep because we have all of these things we want to talk about. It's a good group, we get along well and we remember all of these crazy things we did even after all these years."

Glen Sherman, a 26-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and a former Craig Police Chief, has been organizing reunions every five years for the last 25 years.

"It's a really big thing for me, I really enjoy it and they really appreciate it," Sherman said. "I think that's obvious by the fantastic turnout.

"I sure look forward to this and so do these people."

In addition to a reunion dinner Saturday night at the Holiday Inn of Craig, the Class of 1947 received a tour of the Wyman Museum and viewed the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Museum of Northwest Colorado.

Classmates said one of the weekend’s brightest moments was spending time with Stella Hall, who was a physics and chemistry teacher at Craig High School in 1947.

"I can't give over Stella," Sherman said. "I'm 83 years old and she was one of my teachers. It's unbelievable, her vitality. It's just phenomenal."

Hall's teaching career spanned 47 years, most of that time in Craig and Moffat County. She’s been a fixture at class reunions of late, she said.

"I remember having all of them as students," Hall said. "So much time has passed. They're a wonderful group of people and they look great."

Eighteen members of the Class of 1947 started out together in the first grade, Bond said, including two of her best friends, Chuck and Kathleen (Myers) Cline.

The Clines married after college in 1951 and were the only two classmates among the class of 1947 to do so.

"It was quite a courtship, first grade through college," Bond said. "I don't know how you two could stand each other for so long."

The Clines currently reside in Alpine, Utah.

Chuck worked as a geologist for Mobile Oil Corporation. In more than 60 years of marriage, the Clines have moved 24 times.

"But we never lost touch with our friends and we would never miss something like this," Kathleen said.

Bott echoed similar sentiments.

"This is my hometown, I was born and raised here, and I have many best friends I would not miss seeing," Bott said. "Eighteen of us started in first grade together, we are a very close group of friends, and our parents all knew each other, so it's really like a big family.

"Craig will always be my home no matter where I live."

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“Eighteen of us started in first grade together, we are a very close group of friends, and our parents all knew each other, so it’s really like a big family.”

— Marceline (Bordeaux) Bott, Craig High School Class of 1947