Residents want answers on proposed hospital |

Residents want answers on proposed hospital

After attending meetings and being involved in many different discussions, we, the undersigned citizens of Moffat County, do not doubt that we either need to build a new hospital or spend money on upgrading the existing one.

But, we feel that if a new hospital is affordable at this time, it should not be constructed in the present hospital’s location. In our opinion, there are better properties available.

Putting this aside for the moment, we have a few questions that we would appreciate Randy Phelps and the Hospital Board answer. Please give your reply in the Craig papers, the Craig Daily Press and New~West. This way all the busy people who find it hard to make the meetings you hold and yet have the same questions get the answers also.

Beforehand, let us say thank you for responding

1. With the funding that is being currently sought for the construction of a new hospital, we understand that if the loan is defaulted on, the taxpayers of Moffat County will not be held liable to meet the payments. Is this true? How does it work? Who then pays the loan? What happens to the ownership of the hospital?

2. The funding to repay this loan, we understand, is mainly based on the receipts from government programs. Having dealt with government programs before, how secure are these payments to continue in the future at their current rates?

3. Up to this point we have been told that the new hospital will have a price tag of $16 million. We would like an itemized break down of that figure including the total amount to date spent on property acquisition including the purchase prices and any related fees. Where did these funds come from? Will this money be reimbursed from the loan or is this a cost above and beyond that of the loan? How much has been spent on disposal of buildings and all dirt work to date? How much will be spent on disposal of buildings and dirt work to be done? How much will be spent fixing drainage problems? How much will be spent relocating existing utilities or installing new utility lines? How much will be spent on tap fees?

Other cost breakdowns we would like include: The cost of demolishing the old hospital, construction of new building, what does that include, i.e.floor covering, window coverings, etc., parking lot, landscaping, architectural fees, any and all consulting fees, equipping the new hospital including new purchases such as equipment and furniture?

4. Was a traffic and access study done on the current location? If so, at what cost, who performed the study and what were the results?

5.) Will the new hospital be needing, or purchasing, any additional equipment or furnishings within the first three years of occupancy? If so, at what cost and where will these funds come from?

6.) The new hospital is proposed to have all-private rooms. Many insurance companies do not pay for private rooms. Will The Memorial Hospital accept the amount paid by the insurance company as payment in full or will the patient be billed for the balance?

Once again, thank you for your response and we will be watching the papers for your reply.

Any other individuals out there who may have concerns as to the location and/or construction of the new hospital are encouraged to speak to one of the undersigned. We would like to hear from you.

John Peroulis, Danita Hogue, Linda Booker, George K. Lewis, Ruth Lewis, Shirley Simpson, James Hixson, Katherine Peroulis, Jill McCandless, Pete Pleasant, Lolly Hathhorn, Jim Simos, Jim Showalter, Linda Showalter, Patricia. K. McCaffrey, Judy Lewis, Genie Voloshin, Pam Foster, Glenda Bellio, Frances Davis, Kenneth Davis, Stella Hall, Debbie Belleville, Michaela W., Dayna Kunkle, Jack Peed, Mary Ginther, Lois Hoth, Patricia H., Lynda Cozzens, Florence Van Tassel, Clara Stewart, Montie Burgess, Juanita Williams, Glenda Sabaa, Lu Hoth, LaVeta Martin, Earl Martin, Edith Martin, Danise Martin, Paula Haggerty, Larry Haggerty, Stephanie Pearce, Danny Pierce, Illena Updike, Eugene Updike, Ray Updike, Maryanne Correia, Tyler Correia, Ted Wholes and Carl Chapman

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