Resident thinks local political advertisement in poor taste |

Resident thinks local political advertisement in poor taste

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in regards to an ad I read in the Daily Press this Saturday, Oct. l9. I am appalled to see such an advertisement for a campaign in our newspaper.

In the advertisement, Mr. Blaine Tucker states that he is voting in favor of candidate Mr. Kroese for sheriff. Tucker states that he is voting for Kroese because Kroese has “gut” feelings that would make him a good sheriff.

Mr. Tucker, your “gut feeling” should have told you to avoid an advertisement of such nature.

How can you have the audacity to bring up the Columbine tragedy to get a vote for Mr. Kroese? Has campaigning hit a new low? The Columbine shootings have nothing to do with the sheriff candidates and the election in November. The only point I see you made was that Kroese’s “gut” feeling was to enter the building in disregard to standard operational procedure.

This may be the opinion of Kroese now because of his lack of training in law enforcement. But let me tell you, that “gut” feeling is exactly what gets people killed in emergency situations.

It is easy for people to sit back in the comfort of their own homes and watch the Columbine tragedy unfold. It is cowardly to state that those who risked their lives at the scene could have done better.

When was the last time you or Mr. Kroese secured a crime scene? I didn’t think so.

The officers at the Columbine shooting, like our law enforcement officers in Craig, have had countless hours of training. They have standard operating procedures that need to be followed to protect themselves and others from further injury at the scene.

No one knew how many shooters were inside the school or what events were unfolding. No one could have predicted the outcome. The officers on scene were not hiding behind their trucks but protecting themselves until further orders were received from chain of command. How dare you bring such traumatic memories to the citizens of Moffat County to solicit a vote for Mr. Kroese.

Mr. Tucker, just a reminder to you, it is the state-certified Craig police officers, Moffat County sheriff’s deputies and Craig Fire/Rescue members that protect our county and serve civilians such as yourself and Mr. Kroese.

You should be thankful for every one of them who dedicate their lives and use their continuing education to protect Moffat County.

Jan Reece,


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