Resident lives in the moment in wake of Sept. 11 attacks |

Resident lives in the moment in wake of Sept. 11 attacks

Like so many others on September 11, I was at work when I heard the news of the terrorist suicidal hijackings and the destruction of the World Trade Center and damage to the Pentagon. Disbelief turned to horror, then to shock, to sadness, and then, at least for me, to an almost overwhelming anger. That evening, I huddled on my couch and watched FOX News until 2 a.m., finally succumbing to physical and mental exhaustion.

By Wednesday afternoon, I arrived home feeling as if nothing was ever going to be right in my world again. I got out of the car, walked through the gate to the horses’ stock tank and turned on the water to fill it. As I stood under the late afternoon sun, gazing over the pasture, I noticed that our horses were making their way in from the south pasture for their last drink of the day before heading to their favorite bottom to spend the night.

Watching their contented plodding, the simplest of thoughts occurred to me. “They don’t know. Today is just like any other day to them.” Momentarily, I was filled with envy. I begrudged them their complacence. How could they be so secure in their world when mine has become such a nightmare?

Then, I was surrounded by their warm, sweet-smelling bodies. As they lowered their heads to drink, I stood quietly among them. Our yearling, Ice, turned and pressed his muzzle into my chest, inhaling my scent with a long, relaxed sigh. I lifted my arms and encircled his neck, burying my face in his soft coat. I surrendered my anger and allowed the peace of the moment to flow through me. And I knew that I was all right.

Betty Wolgram,


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