Resident can do with out smear campaigns, negative politics |

Resident can do with out smear campaigns, negative politics

To the Editor:

I just have to say it. I am so sick to death of negative political ads and smear campaigns. I’m sick to death of dirty politics and personal agendas! I can’t wait until this election is over so I don’t have to listen to it or see it for another two years.

What really makes me mad is to receive dirty campaign letters from someone in our own community. The person or persons sending this trash has really stooped to the lowest level.

The letter I received was missing a return address and it didn’t include the identity of he sender. This letter contained slanderous information against commissioner candidate Darryl Steele.

I believe integrity and character are proven in the man. Integrity is not found hidden behind a mask and integrity does not represent itself in cowardness.

To the person or persons who would send such a letter to the residents of Moffat County, Do you think I place validity in such anonymous and dirty tactics or that I think you are really “people for responsible government?”

When you have true concerns and true facts, you don’t mask who you are. You have the courage to speak out.

I would also like to know, is “People for Responsible Government,” a person or persons? It sounds like some sort of committee to me.

Do you know that special interest groups and political committees are required to file organizational papers and also report all money they spend or receive?

If you to have received this garbage in your mail box, call Darryl and ask him about it. There isn’t a person Darryl won’t talk to or a hand he won’t shake.

He is one of those people who really cares about the community. He has the courage to get involved and he has the courage to ask tough questions. He doesn’t hide or manipulate the facts and you won’t catch him telling out-and-out lies. He just gets down to business and he speaks his mind.

My family has known Darryl Steele all our lives.

He is Mr. Integrity!

Get out and vote! And thanks for listening.

Joe Herod,


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