Report: Dinosaur water testing violates rules

Brandon Johnson

The town of Dinosaur violated state water-quality-testing rules, according to a report.

The report, sent by the town to every business and residence June 6, says the city violated lead- and copper-testing procedures.

Dinosaur Mayor Wendy Petersen said the town was supposed to test for lead and copper deposits between June and September 2004. The town did not test for the substances until October 2004.

The late test violated rules set by the Colorado Water Quality Control Division at the State Department of Health.

Glenn Bodnar, a spokesman for the water control division, said Dinosaur simply missed the test deadline.

“They have to do it within a certain window,” Bodnar said. “And they did not do that.”

Towns must test their water during summer because warm water is more corrosive, Bodnar said.

“When it’s nice and cold during the winter time … we don’t bother to look,” he said.

The water control division worked with the Environmental Protection Agency to set the testing schedule.

The state could penalize Dino-saur and require the town to test more frequently, but Bodnar said they won’t do that.

“Actually, the history of the water quality out there is that it’s pretty good,” Bodnar said.

Petersen said Dinosaur will test at the right time this year.

“We’re testing right now,” she said.

The report also lists the amount of barium, chromium and sodium in the town’s water, none of which violated state regulations.

Petersen said it is important to remember the violation does not mean the town’s water is polluted.

“We’re in compliance with everything else, as far the state goes,” Petersen said.

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