Renee Taylor: Thanks for the car help |

Renee Taylor: Thanks for the car help

Renee Taylor

To the editor:

On Sept. 2, I was passing through Craig when my truck decided not to run — not good on a holiday weekend. I want to thank the guys from Tunies and Such Landscaping for their assistance, suggestions and concern, to the staff of O’Reilly Auto Parts (thank goodness they were open) for assistance, parts and recommendations, the mystery customer who guided me to the mechanic and most of all to Doug Wagoner (and his wife for suggesting he help me) for being a fantastic person and great mechanic. I spoke to a number of other very helpful folks during my two hours in Craig. I can’t thank you all enough for helping a complete stranger that morning. This event confirms what I have always thought about Craig: great community. Thank you all again.

Renee Taylor

Evansville, Wyo.


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