Renè Littlehawk: Resident thankful for community’s generosity, care |

Renè Littlehawk: Resident thankful for community’s generosity, care

Today, I happily sit planning our Thanksgiving dinner. This year, I am especially happy, because it is the first after several years of difficulties we can celebrate the holiday in full!

A lot of you are aware of the health issues we have fought with as a family. October saw a huge win for us!

I just want to say “thank you” with all my heart for all the kindness, support, understanding, and generosity that this community has shown us.

J and I are both doing great. J just had his second post-surgery check and is doing so well!

Through all the travels and doctor appointments, we have sung the praises of our wonderful town, community of Craig, and all the wonderful people who live here.

This is but one reason we choose to live in a small, rural town full or real people with kind hearts.

Thank you all so much!

Best Thanksgiving to you all!

Renè Littlehawk


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