Rene Littlehawk-Calicura: Community needs to step up |

Rene Littlehawk-Calicura: Community needs to step up

— To the editor,

I read Mr. Duzik and Mr. Moulton’s letters in the July 21 Saturday edition of the Daily Press. I agree, it’s time for the members of this community to speak up and let the commissioners, and the rest of those pushing the oil and gas development, know how we feel.

I spend much of my time in our beautiful country horseback riding. This is my recreation. Most of us choose to live here because of the surroundings we enjoy, and the recreation it affords us. I do realize the money (oil and gas development) is supposed to bring our county budget, but are we willing to sell out?

I do not want to see the development overtake our countryside. Have you ever taken a drive through Powder Wash or Hiawatha? This is what we can expect, as well as the examples of Rifle, Rangely, Parachute – the list goes on.

The grounds in the Vermillion Basin and Sandwash areas are beyond irreplaceable. These grounds hold history and stories untold. I have spent more hours riding and walking these areas than I could possibly count, and still, each time I go, I find yet more wonderful pieces of our history and prehistory.

The other aspect is the pure ugliness the energy developers will leave behind. How will all the drilling affect our wells? Water here is hard to come by already. Will all the drilling dry up the aquifers?

What about the damage to the roads, the dust, the skyline, the damage to the wildlife (like it or not, some are in danger and this development will only worsen the situations), and what of the ground itself? Visual aspects of theirs. I do not want to look at the mess that will be left when the oil companies move on to their next project.

We have a right to say what we choose to allow to happen in our area. We have a right to protect the history – anthropological, paleontological and archeological – that will be lost forever. We have to protect the reason we choose to live here or see those that wish to take that away from us push their way through and ruin it all.

Please join me in protesting the destruction of our very special corner of the world before it is too late and we are living in the middle of a huge oil field.

Personally, I welcome and thank the governor, the Salazars and the so-called environmentalists for their interest, and hope they can help us protect our area from the ravages of energy development.

Rene Littlehawk-Calicura

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