Red Petersen: Craig |

Red Petersen: Craig

I am writing about the letter “Gun-happy officers have no place in law enforcement” by Judi Hunt.

She states that her “guard dog” was missing for several hours before she called the dog warden. I can’t imagine waiting even an hour to search for my dog.

She states that a sheriff’s deputy shot the dog while having a deer cornered and that he didn’t “bother” to call her to come get her dog. I want to know how she thought he was to know whose dog it was and to get the number and to call her assuming that he knew she was home. And then wait for her to get there! And in the meantime, the dog and the deer are supposed to … do what? How many did he chase in that time he was gone before he was caught? It doesn’t matter that he never had a summons before.

Then she states that her (guard dog) is very gentle and kind. How can you have a kind and gentle guard dog? And would never hurt anyone. Yet he had a deer cornered. It is in their nature to chase and once they chase it is extremely difficult to break them. My dog is very kind and gentle, yet, if he were caught chasing livestock or wildlife I would expect he should be shot.

I am tired of the people who think their dogs should be allowed to do as they please. Bark all day or night not be kept fenced or contained, angry with me because their dog is in my yard and I call the dog warden. I spend and spent a lot of time training my dog to do what is expected of him. I do not allow him to annoy my neighbors. He does not need to be fenced in; I shouldn’t have to fence other dogs out. I will not allow other peoples’ lack of their dog’s training to ruin mine.

I think that officer acted in exactly the manner that that situation called for.

Red Petersen


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