Recreational marijuana in Craig deserves a 2nd vote, but not right away |

Recreational marijuana in Craig deserves a 2nd vote, but not right away

The Craig City Council met on Tuesday and discussed how the city should handle Amendment 64, concerning recreational marijuana.

In November, Colorado residents approved the amendment that legalizes recreational marijuana use, which will allow businesses to open recreational pot shops across the state starting Jan. 1.

However, if a city or county doesn't want recreational marijuana businesses in their jurisdictions, they have that right to opt out.

That's exactly what Craig City Council decided Tuesday.

The council decided that it wants to wait to see how other cities across Colorado manage pot businesses before taking a final stand on the issue.

We applaud the council for its forethought on the matter.

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Another element of discussion that arose was whether council should again ask voters to decide whether they want recreational marijuana in Craig. Council ultimately said that Craig voters already made their decision in November, when 54 percent voted against and 46 percent voted in favor.

One of the reasons council didn't want to put it on the ballot again is because it costs $10,000 to do so.

Although we appreciate that council is trying to be fiscally conservative, we also feel that putting it back on the ballot is a good idea, especially since the voting margin on Amendment 64 was so tight in Craig.

However, we think the city should wait another year before putting it to the voters again because we feel it's a good idea to wait and see how the recreational marijuana business pans out across Colorado.

The state Legislature and other municipalities have much work to do regarding regulating the industry, and — perhaps after some time has passed — voters will be better equipped to make an educated decision on the matter.

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Our View

While we applaud Craig City Council for deciding not to allow recreational pot shops in the city for now, we also feel the it is too soon for a second vote about whether to allow recreational marijuana in Craig at all