Real-estate transactions reported for March 2005 |

Real-estate transactions reported for March 2005

Seller: Ronald L. Radar
Buyer: Tad A. and Dixie L. Osmun
Property: Riverview Lot 1, N1/2 Lot 2 Blk. 2, Riverview, 384 Bonderud Ave.
Price: $195,000
Seller: Jerry D. Pabst
Buyer: Austin and Stefanie Nelson
Property: Frontier City, E56.26′ of Lots 37 & 38 Blk. 7, Frontier City, 575 7th Avenue West #2
Price: $67,500
Seller: Paul M. and Sherrie R. Knez
Buyer: Ben E. and Marlana Todd
Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 9 Blk. 8, 1588 East 10th St.
Price: $185,000
Seller: The Wolfe Family Living Trust
Buyer: CJ and Sibylle Letzelter
Property: Wilderness Ranch Filing #5 Lots 357-358, 577 Timberlane Loop Road
Price: $9,500
Seller: Arlouine C. AKA Arlovine C. Humphrey
Buyer: Paul M. and Sherrie R. Knez
Property: North Rancho Filing #1 Lot 20 Blk. 3, 118 Ervin Street
Price: $270,000
Seller: Jerry W. Burton
Buyer: Marvin D. and Miriam E. Hess
Property: Senesy Sub Lot 2, Vacant Land
Price: $27,000
Seller: Teresa M. Forney, Conservator for Estate of Millard Elvin Graham
Buyer: Leroy and Sharon Gehring
Property: Artesia, Original Lots 1-2 Blk. 16, 200 Brachtosaurus Bypass
Price: $32,000
Seller: The Sis Living Trust
Buyer: Joel R. and Joanne M. Petre
Property: Agriculture T6N R91W S7 Lots 5-9, 12
Price: $210,000
Seller: Moffat County, A Body Politic
Buyer: Randy D. Tennis
Property: Craig Original Lots 27-28 Blk. 14, 715 Yampa Ave.
Price: $93,500
Seller: John Joseph III and Jody Hazen Holland
Buyer: James Joseph Jr. and Sherry Marren
Property: Ridgeview Sub Filing #2 Lot 4 Blk. 1, 3805 Exmoor Cr.
Price: $165,000
Seller: David M. Griffith and David C. Derose
Buyer: Sherry S. Rubin
Property: Panorama Park Filing #1 Lot 2 Blk. 1, Vacant lot on Finley Lane
Price: $34,000
Seller: Danny J. and Mary M. Williams
Buyer: Annette M. Norton
Property: Shadow Mountain Filing #1 Lot 5, Blk. 5, 1169 Aspen Ave.
Price: $15,000
Seller: Gary D. and Lynne A. Torgerson
Buyer: Deanon S. and Jenna Hall
Property: Agriculture Santistevan Parcels Phase #2 Lot 11, 186 Courtney Run
Price: $339,800
Seller: Davis Family Trust
Buyer: John and Steve Raftopoulos
Property: Craig Misc T6N R91W S3, 3 Parcels Desc., Vacant Land
Price: $135,000
Seller: Roger R. Corey
Buyer: David J. Corey and Barbara J. Wallace
Property: Craig View E1/2 Lots 18-23 Blk. 21, 457 East 10th St.
Price: $135,000
Seller: Jerry A. and David A. Honeycutt
Buyer: Dart T. and Cecelia J. Decker
Property: Craig East 1-4 Filing #3 Lot 41 Blk. 2, 820 Haughey Rd.
Price: $133,900
Seller: Myrna L. Pearson
Buyer: Carla A. Seales
Property: Shadow Mountain Filing #1 Lot 30 Blk. 1, 838 Cottonwood Ave.
Price: $98,000
Seller: Jeffrey S. Reed
Buyer: Bonnie D. Curtis
Property: Victory Addition Lots 25, 26 S9′ Lot 7 Blk. 4, 407 Rose St.
Price: $135,000
Seller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Jerry W. and Sharon M. Hoberg
Property: R B Thompson Craig S Highlands Parcel A of Replat of Blk. 7 & 8, 920 2nd Ave. South
Price: $240,000
Seller: Lonnie L. and Tamilyn D. Fager
Buyer: Gary L. and Linda Nichols
Buyer: Ridgeview Sub Filing #2 Lot 1 Blk. 5, 3863 Exmoor Rd.
Price: $170,000
Seller: Gary L. Nichols
Buyer: Rodney K. Maxwell
Property: Park Creek Estates S24′ Lot 1 & N38′ Lot 2 Blk. 1, 787 Washington St.
Price: $136,000
Seller: David Duvall Algee Jr.
Buyer: Salsa De Tomate Inc
Property: Craig View Lots 28-39 Blk. 4, Vacant land on Pine St.
Price: $20,000
Seller: Eric L. and Keri Ann Hamilton
Buyer: Ann Marie and Gregory A. Hamilton
Property: County Res/Subs T6N R90W S20 A parcel in Lots 4,5, 3000 County Rd. #35
Price: $129,375
Seller: Sandra Gardner
Buyer: Ida Gordon
Property: Craig Original Lots 46-48 Blk. 36, 30 West Victory Way
Price: $37,400
Seller: Richard W. and Rita A. Walsh
Buyer: M. Shane and Sandra Camilletti
Property: Crest Village Lot 8 Blk. 5, 876 Villa View Dr.
Price: $205,000
Seller: Michael J. Serrano
Buyer: Alton Simones
Property: Valley View Lot 1 Blk. 2, 790 Green St.
Price: $143,500
Seller: Keith L. Bockelman
Buyer: James S. Hicks Jr.
Property: Ridgeview Sub Filing #2 Lot 2 Blk. 4, 3828 Exmoor Rd.
Price: $145,000
Seller: Fred T. Blevins
Buyer: Richard J. and Kim Blevins
Property: Agriculture T10N R102W S34 NW4
Price: $48,000
Seller: Sue P. Winters
Buyer: Edward T. Winters
Property: County Res/Subs T7N R90W S26 Desc., 96017 East Highway 40
Price: $182,000
Seller: Public Trustee
Buyer: Chase Home Finance LLC
Property: Martin Subdivision Lot 10, 302 Birch St.
Price: $103,700
Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee of Argent Securities Inc.
Property: Craig Original Lots 25-26 Blk. 5, 139 8th St. West
Price: $106,000
Seller: Louise Pierre and Kaye Johnson — Trustees for Pierre and Kaye Johnson Family Trust
Buyer: Dan and Cindy Bussard
Property: Agriculture Migration Acres IIII Lot 21
Price: $70,000
Seller: Michael S. and Sandra Camilletti
Buyer: Camela A. Montieth
Property: Mount View Lot 3 Blk. 10A, 160 Hillside Terrace
Price: $139,000
Seller: Craig Willard and Brenda Jean Rummel
Buyer: Rummel Chiropractic Inc.
Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 20-23 Blk. 5, 333 East Victory Way
Price: $183,000
Seller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Todd S. Young
Property: Meadows Second Addition Lot 5 Blk. 13, 270 Bilsing
Price: $168,300
Seller: Joseph W. Montigny Trust
Buyer: Robert E. and Colleen M. Towery and Henry M. and Elizabeth L. Nields
Property: Bakers Peak Tract 73 Thunderbird Wilderness
Price: $40,000
Seller: Rebecca J. Thayer
Buyer: Scott A. Tochtrop
Property: County Res/Subs T7N R90W S19 Desc., 33039 North Highway 13
Price: $150,000

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