Real estate transactions for September 2009 |

Real estate transactions for September 2009

Moffat County property sales and purchases for September 2009

Seller: Caylor, Bradley & Sondra D Revocable Trust

Buyer: Gomez, Leyann F Et Al

Address: Lot 695, Wilderness #8

Sales Price: $7,500

Seller: Haley, Keith & Kayla

Buyer: Petrone, Joseph M & Mary T

Address: 936 Alta Vista Drive

Sales Price: $385,000

Seller: Wilson, Jack R & Carol L

Buyer: Dixon, Paul & Lisa

Address: 565 Yampa Ave.

Sales Price: $97,000

Seller: David, John E & Marissa

Buyer: Lorio, Christopher S

Address: 784 Ranney St.

Sales Price: $195,597

Seller: Andersen, James L & Judith A

Buyer: Jaegel, Mark A

Address: 372 County Road 64

Sales Price: $335,000

Seller: Dietrich, Elizabeth M & Markus A

Buyer: Wenning, Brent Alan & Jessica Diane

Address: 141 Mistletoe Court

Sales Price: $340,000

Seller: May, Shaun M & Jeanne J

Buyer: Kruse, Jake & Matt

Address: 175 Clay Ave.

Sales Price: $506,633

Seller: Gustin, Lonnie & Yvonne

Buyer: Arnold, Daniel Edward & Amanda Marie

Address: Lot 7, West Ridge Estates

Sales Price: $45,000

Seller: Neilson, Robert J

Buyer: Atwood, Edith E & Blaine

Address: Lot 24, Blk. 13, Original Artesia

Sales Price: $4,000



Address: 325 Spring Coulee Way

Sales Price: $270,000

Seller: Hernandez, Herminio & Viola

Buyer: Barnes, Mary Johanna Trust

Address: 2144 Willow Court

Sales Price: $43,700

Seller: Martin, Randall E

Buyer: Griffin, Ronald D

Address: 1663 Yampa Ave.

Sales Price: $88,000

Seller: Neilson, Robert J

Buyer: Atwood, Edith E

Address: 309 Ceratosaurus Circle

Sales Price: $4,000

Seller: Conkle, Richard W & Barbara L

Buyer: Hayes, Jessica

Address: 3655 Juniper Place

Sales Price: $142,500

Seller: Jones, Charles E

Buyer: Peak Ranch Properties Llc

Address: Tract 37, Baker’s Peak

Sales Price: $65,000

Seller: Public Trustee

Buyer: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Address: 750 2nd Ave. W.

Sales Price: $280,719

Seller: Hayes, William C & Bessie May

Buyer: Frentress, Timothy & Athena

Address: Lot 589, Wilderness Filing #8

Sales Price: $140,000

Seller: Griffith, Linda A

Buyer: Bricker, Craig

Address: 781 Pershing St.

Sales Price: $260,000

Seller: Classic Special Custom Homes Inc

Buyer: Ray, Teena L

Address: 3631 W. 6th St.

Sales Price: $247,000

Seller: Sanderson, Suzanne E

Buyer: Pogline, Anthony D & Bulla, Peyton M

Address: 1127 Wilson Circle

Sales Price: $192,000

Seller: Veenstra, Nicholas R

Buyer: Gili, Stephen J & Melinda L

Address: 676 Overlook Drive

Sales Price: $329,200

Seller: Tuning, Scott T & Jennifer D

Buyer: Jones, Robert W & Michelle M

Address: 590 7th Ave. W.

Sales Price: $227,000

Seller: Crisp, Gary & Kimberly Family Trust

Buyer: Soto, Raul Perez

Address: 1141 Breeze St.

Sales Price: $150,100

Seller: Christensen, Don E & Laura L

Buyer: Lyman, Marc R & Heather L

Address: 833 Tucker St.

Sales Price: $210,000

Seller: Kambic, Ronald J

Buyer: Hatten, Joanna

Address: Lot 9, Willow View Ranches

Sales Price: $9,000

Seller: Freyling, Richard R

Buyer: Herring, Emily & Kameron

Address: 765 Steele St.

Sales Price: $206,700

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