Real estate transactions for September 2004 |

Real estate transactions for September 2004

n Seller: William T. Baker & Katrina D. Staggs
Buyer: Michael E. Drennan
Property: Mount View Lots 7-9, Blk. 8, 1160 Barclay St.
Price: $140,000
n Seller: Herman Lee & Sheila Lynn Carey
Buyer: Walter R. Coyle
Property: Agriculture T9N R91W S6-7 m/b desc, 13084 County Road 3
Price: $51,900
n Seller: John W. Gray Revocable Trust
Buyer: Aaron W. & Lorajane Kessler
Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 29-33, Blk. 4, 635 Rose St.
Price: $129,000
nSeller: Calvin Novacek
Buyer: Fernando Rojas
Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lots 4-5 Desc., Blk. 3 of Rplt #1&2, 351 Hawthorn
Price: $81,500
nSeller: Ronald G. & Nancy C. Barrett
Buyer: Thomas Ray & Patricia L. Orwig
Property: State Addition Lots 32-34, Blk. 4, 1025 Taylor St.
Price: $191,400
nSeller: Lisa R. Empson
Buyer: Golden Stream Investments, LLC
Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lot 11, Blk. 1, Filing No. 1, 370 Sage Ct.
Price: $38,000
nSeller: Susan Lynn Andrews
Buyer: Brian Mark Culverwell
Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lots 13-14, Blk. 1, Filing No. 3, 1661 Barclay St.
Price: $97,500
nSeller: Margaret K. Gianinetti
Buyer: Chris C. Singleton
Property: Crest Village Lot 16A, Blk. 4 of Rplt, 1275 Sunset Cr.
Price: 18,500
nSeller: Karen L. Burley
Buyer: Earl Ray Hess
Property: Maybell Lots 1-6, Blk. 1, 114 Haynes St.
Price: $80,600
nSeller: James Todd & Tahnee L. Miller
Buyer: Richard W. & Rita A. Walsh
Property: Crest Village Lot 8, Blk. 5, 876 Villa View Dr.
Price: $190,000
nSeller: Janet A. Ozbun
Buyer: Ty Wilson
Property: State Addition Part of L26, Blk. 1 Desc., Filing No. 2, Vacant Land on Pershing
Price: $2,300
nSeller: Janet A. Ozbun
Buyer: Thomas M. & Frances C. Walsh
Property: State Addition Lots 23-25, Blk. 1, Filing No. 2
Price: $118,500
nSeller: Charles M. Gomez
Buyer: Adam J. & Amanda M. Tucker
Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lot 6, Blk. 4, Filing No. 2, 1485 Barclay St.
Price: $34,000
nSeller: Kim L. Maneotis
Buyer: Randall J. & Cynthia C. Looper
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 3, Blk. 1, Filing No. 2, 3819 Exmoor Cr.
Price: $162,000
nSeller: John D. Dessell
Buyer: Valley Mortgage, Inc
Property: Blue Mountain Lots 1-9, & 11-65 & 67 & A parcel m/b desc.
Price: $300,000
nSeller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Richard R. Behringer Jr. & Deborah J. C. Behringer
Property: R B Thompson Lot 2 of Rplt Tr. 440, 442, 461 & 463, 850 Union St.
Price: $180,000
nSeller: Lydia L. Rader & Nancy Rader Kellog
Buyer: David H. Mondeau
Property: Victory Heights Lots 12-14 Desc., Blk. 9
Price: $8,000
nSeller: Gale D. Kulik
Buyer: Gabe R. Montoya
Property: Lot 5, Blk. 2 Park Lane Add., 749 Washington St.
Price: $128,000
nSeller: Tim Schmitz
Buyer: Douglas E. & Patricia A. Davis
Property: North Rancho Lot 5, Blk. 2, Filing No. 1
Price: $25,000
nSeller: Corinthian Mortgage Corporation
Buyer: Heather R. Kline & Derek A. Reidy
Property: Sunset Addition Lots 14-16, Blk. 1, 832 Ranney St.
Price: $167,510
nSeller: Richard A. Knorr Family Trust
Buyer: Tom & Claire Worster
Property: County Res/Subs Lot 4, Brett Sub.
Price: $23,500
nSeller: William D. & Marsha W. Waite Trusts
Buyer: Randy Lyle & Sandra H. Watson
Property: State Addition Lots 46-47 & N2 48, Blk. 3, 1045 Barclay St.
Price: $125,000
nSeller: Mark J. Marion & William R. & Nance Brandenburg
Buyer: Tammy L. Boutwell
Property: Craig View Lots 36-37 & N2 38, Blk. 12, 1157 Lincoln St.
Price: $139,900
nSeller: Kimberly S. Zimmerman
Buyer: Donald J. & Rhonda G. Davidson & Maxine B. Albers
Property: Holiday Park Lots 20-21 desc., Blk. 1, 565 Steele St.
Price: $140,000
nSeller: James R. & Joann C. Marlotte
Buyer: Kay Elaine Donley
Property: Country Club Lot 9, Blk. A, Filing No. 2, 1018 E. 7th St.
Price: $71,000
nSeller: Dale L. Kruse
Buyer: Jose M. & Jose G. Valencia
Property: Meadows Lot 3A, Blk. 13, 286 Bilsing St.
Price: $162,500
nSeller: WHA-Craig Partners
Buyer: Jersey Farms, LTD
Property: Lot 9, Sunrise at Shadow Mountain
Price: $13,500
nSeller: Warren Lee & Teddy M. Matney
Buyer: Donald M. Rolando Jr. & Teresa L. Rolando
Property: Martin Subdivision Lot 7, 1623 W. 3rd St.
Price: $164,000
nSeller: Jimmy L. & Beryl Dschaak
Buyer: Eugene & Shirley J. Lent
Property: Craig View Lots 31-35, Blk. 5
Price: $11,000
nSeller: Mary E. Greirt-Baily & Bert Rakestraw
Buyer: Richard J. & Patricia A. Cuny
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lots 526, 527, 528, 529, & 532, Filing No. 7
Price: $294,000
nSeller: Michael D. & Deanna S. Robinson
Buyer: John E. Ketchum & Troy Dean Palmer
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 717, Filing No. 8
Price: $7,500
nSeller: David E. & Vickie R. Sutton
Buyer: Leoncio Luna
Property: Woodbury Addition Lot 7, Blk. 2, Filing No. 1, 363 Birch St.
Price: $139,500
nSeller: Ronald G. & Connie L. Scott
Buyer: Judy D. Franks
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 169, Filing No. 3
Price: $77,500
nSeller: John F. Caines Revocable Trust
Buyer: John R. & Peggy A. Ponikvar
Property: Craig Original Tract 10, Blk. 39 m/b desc.
Price: $68,000
nSeller: John F. Caines Revocable Trust
Buyer: James G. & Dorothy L. Oxley
Property: Craig Original Tract 11, Blk. 39 m/b desc.
Price: $68,000
nSeller: John F. Caines Revocable Trust
Buyer: Stanley J. Dewsnup
Property: Craig Original Tract 12, Blk. 39
Price: $125,000
Seller: Joss Living Trust
Buyer: Richard A. Killien
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 443, Filing No. 6
Price: $5,700
nSeller: Haven Carl Barrett
Buyer: Travis A. & Krista M. Selan
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 23, Blk. 3, Filing No. 3, 2130 Crockett Dr.
Price: $500
nSeller: William H. Mcintosh
Buyer: Roy E. & Theresa S. Marshall
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 328, Filing No. 5
Price: $7,000
nSeller: Lonnie A. & Linda S. Redmon
Buyer: Golden Stream Investments, LLC
Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lot 11, Blk. 1, Filing No. 2, 1470 Sage St.
Price: $36,000
nSeller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Christopher D. & Rachel S. Herring
Property: Meadows Lot 14, Blk. 13, Filing No. 2
Price: $21,000
nSeller: Donald R. Griffin
Buyer: Cathy Curtis
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 14, Blk. 2, Filing No. 1, 2136 Williams Ln.
Price: $40,000
nSeller: Jeffrey C. & Denise A. Vandas
Buyer: Tom Barnes
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 253, Filing No. 4
Price: $17,000
nSeller: Ellen M. Alsobrooks — PR Rebekah A. McBride Estate
Buyer: Stephen E. & Tina R. Walks
Property: Woodbury Addition Lot 1, Blk. 1, 465 Woodbury
Price: $143,000
nSeller: Chad Davis
Buyer: Clettis L. Carwile & Laura A. Tyler
Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 43-44, Blk. 2, 675 Lincoln St.
Price: $108,000
nSeller: Jack & Phyllis Virden
Buyer: Michael A. Wood
Property: Craig Original Lots 21-22, Blk. 22, 614 School St.
Price: 112,500
nSeller: Pierre & Kay Johnson Family Trust
Buyer: George & Shawn Stewart
Property: Agriculture Lot 29, Migration Acres IIII
Price: $57,250
nSeller: Jackie D. & Christine C. Mansfield
Buyer: Bredlau Revocable Family Trust
Property: Agriculture T6N R91W sec 5 m/b desc., 2155 County Road 30
Price: $50,000
nSeller: Michael T. Anson
Buyer: Eric Boyer
Property: Woodbury Addition Lot 7, Blk. 3, 388 Cedar Cr.
Price: $140,500
nSeller: Glen R. Miller
Buyer: John G. & Marianna Raftopoulos
Property: Tract 11B, Woodbury Tracts, 1320 W. Victory Way
Price: $175,000
nSeller: Randy R. & Melissa Jo Decker
Buyer: Dale V. & Barbara J. Martin
Property: Parcel E, Glaab Sub.
Price: $67,500
nSeller: Aurelija Andrews
Buyer: David Allen & Brookie Lynn Trout Bradshaw
Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 4, Blk. 1B, 1086 Hudack Cr.
Price: $76,000
nSeller: Jess Jaquez Sotelo
Buyer: Peter J. Nichols II
Property: State Addition Lots 1-2, Blk. 11 Desc., 906 Barclay St.
Price: $116,400
nSeller: Robert J. Foster
Buyer: Douglas E. & Patricia A. Davis
Property: North Rancho Lot 1, Blk. 4, 351 W. Johnson Loop
Price: $25,000
nSeller: Raymond D. & Mary Dora Mundon
Buyer: James T. & Kathy Kunc
Property: Craig Original Lots 36-38, Blk. 2, 849 Russell St.
Price: $115,000
nSeller: Wilma Cosgriff
Buyer: James T. & Kathy Kunc
Property: Craig Original Lots 10-11, Blk. 6, 856 School St.
Price: $101,000
nSeller: Timothy J. & Julie A. Jantz
Buyer: Christopher K. & Laura A. Neimeister
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 548, Filing No. 7
Price: $13,500
nSeller: Timothy W. & Carla A. Alexander
Buyer: Matthew G. & Jennafer L. Crain
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 26, Blk. 3, 1040 Sequoia Ave.
Price: $80,400
nSeller: Mike Lee & Karol D. Stewart
Buyer: Soni M. Johnson
Property: Agriculture T7N R92W S17 m/b desc, 2157 County Road 15
Price: $166,000
nSeller: Jason Nile & Julie Ann Miskin
Buyer: Douglas Wayne & Lindie Warren
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 1, Blk. 3, Filing No. 2, 802 Exmoor Rd.
Price: $165,400

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