Real estate transactions for October 2004 |

Real estate transactions for October 2004

n Seller: Linnea L. Shubin
Buyer: John Boyer
Property: Mount View Lot 4, Blk. 10A, Mount View, 180 Hillside Terrace
Price: $158,225

n Seller: Tracey Winey
Buyer: Claud L. & Jane M. Richmond
Property: Valley View Lots 2-3 Desc., Blk. 3, Valley View, 870 Stout St.
Price: $163,000

n Seller: Louis P. Stojack
Buyer: Michael J. & Cheryll Ann Carson
Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 23, Blk. 1B
Price: $16,000

n Seller: Timothy R. & Joyce J. Driver
Buyer: Norman B. & Daniel S. Olsen
Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 29-32, Blk. 5, Rosedale, 523& 533 Rose St.
Price: $190,000

n Seller: L. Pierre & Mary Kaye Johnson
Family Trust
Buyer: Frederick Charles Jr. & Kimberly

Jayne Weis
Property: Agriculture Lot 27A, Migration Acres IIII
Price: $62,750

n Seller: Michael J. Cheryll Ann Carson
Buyer: Samuel J. & Camren B. Aberle
Property: A tract 67×141′ desc., Bordeaux Add., 779 Rose St.
Price: $157,000

n Seller: Public Trustee
Buyer: Federal National Mortgage Association
Property: Sunbird Lot 17, Sunbird Ranch, 600 Valley View Dr.
Price: $108,272

n Seller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Charles J. & Diane M. Sorrentino
Property: R B Thompson Lot 3 of the Rplt of Tr. 440,442,461,463,RB Thomp, 1105 5th Ave.
Price: $42,000
n Seller: Donald R. & Carolyn Mackenzie
Buyer: Kimarie Hazelbaker
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 26, Blk. 1, Filing No. 2, 835 Bridger Cr.
Price: $162,500
n Seller: NA Wells Fargo Bank
Buyer: Terry & Colesta Duran
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 1, Blk. 3, Filing No. 1, 596 Conner Dr.
Price: $35,900
n Seller: Richard A. & Susan D. Bowler
Buyer: Ronald & Marlene Fortney
Property: Agriculture T7N R91W S5 m/b desc., 6441 County Rd. 7
Price: $150,000
n Seller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Roger I. Martin
Property: Meadows Lot 2, Blk. 12, Meadows #2, 267 Bilsing St.
Price: $25,000
n Seller: Bill G. & Dana L. Archuleta
Buyer: Robert Louis & Tina Kay Meyers
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 6, Wilderness #1
Price: $5,500
n Seller: Douglas Edward Anderson
Buyer: Jody Ware
Property: Western Knolls Lot 14, Blk. 3, Western Knolls, 194 Hill Dr.
Price: $122,500
n Seller: Brent K. & Deborah K. Nations
Buyer: Chad & Betty Davis
Property: Meadows Lot 3, Blk. 11, Meadows #1, 244 Barker St.
Price: $163,200
n Seller: Randall James & Robinette Knoche
Buyer: Western American Drilling Inc
Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 21, Blk. 1B, 1045 Hudack Cr.
Price: $20,000
n Seller: E.C. & Ruby L. Irick
Buyer: Clarence W. & Suzanne M. Mrowicki
Property: Bakers Peak Tract 12, m/b desc., Baker’s Peak
Price: $36,000
n Seller: Phyllis D. Whisner
Buyer: John P. & Joan V. Walt
Property: Frontier City Lots 16-20, Blk. 4, 1705 W. Victory Way
Price: $165,000
n Seller: Dale Kruse
Buyer: Leonard J. & Kristi M. Hankins
Property: Meadows Lot 15, Blk. 13, Meadows #2, 2036 W. 2nd St.
Price: $2,000
n Seller: Benjamin H. & Tami Keller
Buyer: Michael Jay Colvin
Property: Mount View Lot 4, Blk. 11 of Rplt., Mount View, 35 Olde Stage Rd.
Price: $126,500
n Seller: John E. & Sharon J. Kerr
Buyer: Richard Keuthan & Annette M. Norton
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 680, Wilderness #8
Price: $6,000
n Seller: Debra M. Wocher N/K/A Debra M. Zissoff
Buyer: BO D. & Leeann E. Camp
Property: Crest Village Lot 2, Blk. 3, Crest Add., 675 Finley Lane
Price: $145,000
n Seller: M & L Leonard Enterprises, Inc
Buyer: Timber Glen Apartments, LLC
Property: Pineridge Lots 41, 42 & Outlot A, Pineridge, 3465-95 Douglas St.
Price: $1,900,000
n Seller: Kathy A. Davidson
Buyer: Tony & Shannon L. Bohrer
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 13, Blk. 1, Ridgeview #1, 774 Park Ct.
Price: $126,000
n Seller: Jane M. & Claud L. Richmond
Buyer: Scott C. & Kimberly S. Patterson
Property: State Addition Lot 13-15 Desc., Blk. 6 Add., 1054 Breeze St.
Price: $177,000
n Seller: Marvin Cortner
Buyer: Shelly L. Spackman
Property: State Addition Lots 37-38, Blk. 6, State, 1001 School St.
Price: $115,000
n Seller: Bryan K. McBride & William R. Flower
Buyer: Kelsi Marie & Clint Overstreet
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 598, Wilderness #8
Price: $8,000
n Seller: Jon Z. Herod
Buyer: David J. Allen
Property: Craig View Lots 41-45, Blk. 9
Price: $3,000
n Seller: Christopher D. & Rachel S. Herring
Buyer: Jordan Gustafson
Property: Craig Original Lots 10-11, Blk. 32, 556 Rose St.
Price: $102,000
n Seller: Patrick M. & Yolanda T. McCollom
Buyer: Dr. Dushan & Becky Voyich
Property: Crest Village Lot 15A of Rplt, Blk. 4, Crest Add., Sunset Cr.
Price: $35,000
n Seller: Justin Q. Duzik
Buyer: Rainer E. & Sandra F. Beran
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 15, Blk. 4, Filing No. 1, Shadow Mtn. #1, 1110 Sequoia Ave.
Price: $63,000
n Seller: Public Trustee
Buyer: First National Bank of the Rockies
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 38, Filing No. 1
Price: $9,729
n Seller: Public Trustee
Buyer: Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Property: Craig Original Lots 25-26, Blk. 5, 139 W. 8th St.
Price: $141,226
n Seller: Kenneth Dunfee & Sandra Lampshire
Buyer: Bruce L. Kohlwey
Property: Skull Creek Estates Lot 82, Skull Creek #5
Price: $13,500
n Seller: Edward F. & Rebecca L. Roop
Buyer: Carol Fuller
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 21, Blk. 3, Filing No. 3, 2110 Crockett Dr.
Price: $20,000
n Seller: John E. & Gail P. Buttner
Buyer: Keith W. & Jacqueline M. Braley
Property: Johnson High Lot 8, Johnson High Meadows, 390 Johnson Rd.
Price: $295,000
n Seller: Kathy Montgomery — PR
Buyer: Dale Kruse
Property: R B Thompson Tract 2 m/b desc., RB Thompson, 1220 5th Ave. S.
Price: $35,000
n Seller: Gerald M. & Elaine M. O’Neill
Buyer: Gary T. & Mary Ellen Boehler
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 210, Wilderness #3
Price: $16,500
n Seller: Stephen J. Krause
Buyer: Nicholas S. Craig
Property: Craig View Lots 25-28, Blk. 24 & N2 Vacated St. adj. To L25, 915 Washington St.
Price: $136,170
n Seller: Brent A. Franklin
Buyer: Hollis F. & Janet B. Atwood
Property: Artesia, South Lots 4-6, Blk. 11, S. Artesia, 508 Andtrodemus Alley, Dinosaur
Price: $15,000
n Seller: Public Trustee
Buyer: Denver Public Schools Credit Union
Property: Lot 4, Sunrise at Shadow Mountain, 1170 Sunrise Ln.
Price: $110,844
n Seller: S & A Leasing, LLP
Buyer: Darrel & Ann Irvin
Property: Westgate Sub Lot 9, Westgate, 1800 W. Victory Way
Price: $600,000
n Seller: Kenneth L. Harris
Buyer: Timothy W. & Carla A. Alexander
Property: Sandwood Addition Lot 3, Blk. 3, Sandwood, 822 Columbine St.
Price: $146,000
n Seller: Norma L. A/K/A Norma Lou Evans
Buyer: Mark A. & Roxine B. Foster
Property: Agriculture T11N R93-94W Desc.
Price: $201,391
n Seller: Fannie Mae A/K/A Federal National Mortgage Assoc.
Buyer: Jeffrey L. & Laura E. Quale
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 2, Blk. 1 of Rplt., Filing No. 2, 1858 E. 9th St.
Price: $123,900
n Seller: Veldon W. Behrman & Marvin D. Cortner
Buyer: Larry Kunkle & Virginia Hubbard
Property: Sand Springs Sub Lot 28, Sand Springs #3, 300 Behrman St.
Price: $12,000
n Seller: Roy Peterson
Buyer: Lorena Zaragoza
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 4, Blk. 7, Shadow Mtn#1, 1039 Sequoia
Price: $73,000
n Seller: Ronald G. & Connie L. Scott
Buyer: Craig D. Dodson & Victoria A. Clark
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 45, Wilderness #1
Price: $70,000
n Seller: Terry W. & Cynthia D. Wooten
Buyer: John & Susan Lottes
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 7, Blk. 2, Filing No. 2, 840 Exmoor Cr.
Price: $155,000
n Seller: Alfred T. & Phyllis A. Stark
Buyer: Duan A. & Beverly J. Johnson
Property: County Res/Subs T7N R90W S19 m/b desc., 33381 N. Hwy. 13
Price: $125,000

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