Real estate transactions for June

Seller: Johnny W. and Lori G. Mann
Buyer: James J. Kelly and Christina A. Terrill
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 586; 3547 Timberlane Dr.
Price: $61,500

Seller: William E. and Virginia L. May Trust
Buyer: Noel Kirk and Brenda L. McKey
Property: Craig Original Lots 39-42 Blk. 36; 469 Breeze St.
Price: $120,000

Seller: George A. and Theresa J. Moyer
Buyer: Justin and Courtney J. Jenison
Property: Craig View Lots 23-24, S2 Lot 22 Blk. 11; 495 E. 11th St.
Price: $103,500

Seller: Larry Gene and Kathryn Diane Robidoux
Buyer: Sarah Deforest Bohrer
Property: County Res/Subs T6N R90W S29 Tract in north half; 3598 County Road #35
Price: $179,000

Seller: Doris D. and Bliss J. Mayhan
Buyer: Gary A. Kline
Property: Sand Springs Sub Lot 1; 1895 County Rd. 174
Price: $165,000
Seller: Glenn D. Merritt
Buyer: David P. Morrison Jr. Revocable Trust
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 879; 779 Routt Forest Loop
Price: $50,000

Seller: Otis W. and Betty L. Lyons
Buyer: John H. and Virginia R. Barr
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 10 Blk. 1; 844 Ashley Rd.
Price: $85,000

Seller: Golden Stream Investments LLC
Buyer: Julio Pizano
Property: Jensen Mobile Home Blk. 4 Lot 3; 1483 Barclay St.
Price: $29,000

Seller: James L. and Pamela G. Gerber
Buyer: Rene Morris
Property: Agriculture T7N R92W S35 NW 4SE4 Desc.
Price: $35,000

Seller: Thomas B. and Deborah K. Penner
Buyer: Charles W. III and Joy L. Kelty
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 17 Blk. 3; 3442 Ridgeview Rd.
Price: $147,500

Seller: Prudential Relocation INC
Buyer: Brett L. Williams
Property: R B Thompson East half Lot 3; 1045 South Ranney St.
Price: $170,000

Seller: Donald R. and Carolyn A. Mackenzie
Buyer: Neil McCandless
Property: Patterson Lots 3, 6 Blk. 2; 520 West 1st St. #3 & #6
Price: $93,000

Seller: Peter Epp
Buyer: Kerry L. Weaver
Property: Sunset Addition Lots 33-34 Blk. 3; 635 Pershing St.
Price: $109,000

Seller: The Pierre & Kaye Johnson Family Trust
Buyer: James D. and Cynthia S. Wall
Property: Agriculture Lot 7 Migration Acres
Price: $75,000

Seller: Arlene Findley and Pete Pleasant Individually and as trustee of Mary Madge Pleasant Rev. Trust
Buyer: Victory Plaza LLC
Property: Craig Original Lots 1-4 Blk. 36; 490 Yampa Ave.
Price: $210,000

Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association
Buyer: Thomas G. and Amy C. Doolin
Property: Craig View Lots 12-16 Blk. 24; 940 Lincoln St.
Price: $116,000

Seller: The Joseph W. Montigny Trust
Buyer: Paul Montgomery and Richard King
Property: Agriculture Bakers Peak Tract 38
Price: $40,000

Seller: David H. Mondeau
Buyer: Nina Van Wagenen
Property: Victory Heights Blk. 9 Lots 8-14; East 7th & Kimball St.
Price: $30,000

Seller: Mike Lewarne
Buyer: Michael Lewarne and Robert Schroeder
Property: Rosedale Addition Lot 39 & south half Lot 40 Blk. 4; 657 Rose St.
Price: $13,400

Seller: Lillian M. Shaffer and Sharon M. Brothers and Donald B. Barrett
Buyer: Shannon Lee
Property: Park Lane Addition Lot 2 Blk. 4; 739 Washington St.
Price: $102,000

Seller: Kozy Homes INC
Buyer: Robert D. and Wanda J. LaFord
Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 27 Blk. 6; 1123 Cottonwood Ave.
Price: $105,000

Seller: Kevin T. and Andrea D. Schnider
Buyer: Owen W. Jenrich
Property: Craig Original Lots 43-44 Blk. 18; 677 Russell St.
Price: $109,000

Seller: Frank Bomba Living Trust
Buyer: J.R. Kirk and Candace R. Hellander
Property: Agriculture T7N R91W S13 Lots 3 & 4; Vacant Land County Road 105
Price: $97,500

Seller: Lloyd R. Fisher and Sivorn Ros
Buyer: Morris Mashburn
Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 835; 643 Eastview Dr.
Price: $50,000

Seller: Helen Bartholow Trust
Buyer: John G. and Steve G. Raftopoulos
Property: Agriculture T8N R92 W S23,24 Desc.
Price: $92,800

Seller: Anthony A. and Traci J. Arbaney
Buyer: Joshua R. and Valerie Boulger
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 23 Less S5′ Blk. 23; 783 Bridger Cr.
Price: $183,000

Seller: Joshua Robert and Valerie Boulger
Buyer: Joshua Hergert
Property: Craig View Lots 37-38 S1/2 Lot 39 Blk. 7; 1251 Lincoln St.
Price: $132,000

Seller: Daniel K. and Laurie A. Davidson
Buyer: Martyn Development LLC
Property: Craig Misc Davidson Replat Lot 2; Vacant land on 4th Street West
Price: $40,000

Seller: Clarence D. and Anita Reed
Buyer: Jackie B. and Amanda Reed
Property: County Res/Subs T7N R91W S29 Desc.; 1887 County Road 64
Price: $112,000

Seller: Dennis R. Roberts
Buyer: Rebecca Tochtrop
Property: County Res/Subs T7N R92W S34 NESE Desc.; 20 County Road 81
Price: $125,000

Seller: Rita Faedtke
Buyer: Leann Schmidt
Property: Craig View Lots 46-48 Blk. 24; 440 10th Street
Price: $118,000

Seller: Tim R. and Kathleen L. Hamilton
Buyer: Bryan D. and Debra Sue Gale
Property: Agriculture Hamilton Exemption Parcel A T5N R91W S21,22
Price: $71,400

Seller: Steve George and Antonia Georgia Raftopoulos
Buyer: Robert Graviss
Property: Craig Original Lots 43-45 S2 Lot 46 Blk. 10; 779 Taylor Street
Price: $300,000

Seller: Timothy R. and Joyce J’Lea Driver
Buyer: Zachary Joseph and Kristin Lorraine Allen
Property: Valley View Lot 13 Blk. 4; 772 Steele Street
Price: $176,500

Seller: John C. and Sharon M. Stehle
Buyer: Michael A. and Virginia S. Pugh
Property: Wildlife Estates Lots 13-14
Price: $45,000

Seller: Sheila M. Brennise
Buyer: Harold L. and Myra Kirsch Johnson
Property: Elkhead Estates Lot 2; 206 Elkhead Lane
Price: $45,000

Seller: Fred V. Bush and Carlita T. Warbonnett-Bush
Buyer: Kenneth L. and Sandy K. Harris
Property: Ridgeview Sub Filing #2 Lot 2 Blk. 2; 813 Exmoor Road
Price: $152,000

Seller: The Brooks Living Trust
Buyer: Wyman Elk Ranch LLLP
Property: T6N R90W, T7N R90W Desc.; 94610 Highway 40
Price: $340,000

Seller: Frank D. and Joann C. Hutton
Buyer: Claud L. and Jane M. Richmond
Property: Crest Village Lot 5 Blk. 3; 1270 Schrader Avenue
Price: $182,000

Seller: Claud L. and Jane M. Richmond
Buyer: William David Kiefer
Property: Valley View S23′ Lot 2 & N54′ Lot 3 Blk. 3; 870 Stout Street
Price: $168,500

Seller: William David Kiefer
Buyer: Victor Tarango
Property: State Addition Filing #2 Lots 13-15 Blk. 1; 932 Ranney Street
Price: $155,000

Seller: Sebrina Lynn Kelley
Buyer: Dorothy E. and Rodney Blake
Property: Craig View Lots 5-6 Blk. 31; 776 Colorado Street
Price: $119,000

Seller: Michael C. and Susan R. Bengston
Property: Agriculture T7N R92W S10 E2NW; 6905 County Road 15
Price: $165,000

Seller: Judith A. Smith A Revocable Trust
Buyer: Craig T. Tomker Living Trust
Property: Agriculture T9N R94W S21 W2
Price: $67,200

Seller: Gary E. Loyd
Buyer: Joseph E. and Sherry D. Bird
Property: State Addition Filing #3 Tract 1 Blk. 1; 635 West 9th Street
Price: $189,000

Seller: Frank M. and Janet L. Self
Buyer: John P. and Joan V. Walt
Property: Lewis Subdivision Lot 3; 289 Lewis Lane
Price: $338,000

Seller: Dennis A. Rheaume
Buyer: Lonnie Gustin
Property: Sunset Addition Lots 12-13 Blk. 6 Filing #2; 750 Pershing Street
Price: $116,000

Seller: Robert M. Bradley
Buyer: Shaun M. and Jeanne J. May
Property: Craig Misc T6N R91W S2 Desc.; Vacant Lot on Clay Avenue
Price: $35,000

Seller: Walker Family Trust
Buyer: Mike and Jacqueline Erceg
Price: $400,000

Seller: Moffat County, A Body Politic
Buyer: Routt County Habitat for Humanity
Property: Craig Original Lots 35-36 Blk. 14; 745 Yampa Avenue
Price: $45,000

Seller: Moffat County, A Body Politic
Buyer: James L. Dyer
Property: Craig Original Lots 23-24 Blk. 14; 700 Russell Street
Price: $124,000

Seller: Louis Pierre and Kay Johnson Trustees
Buyer: William H. and Sharon L. Pacheco
Property: Agriculture Migration Acres II Lot 13
Price: $70,000

Seller: Louis Pierre and Kaye Johnson Trustees
Buyer: Carl F. and Sandra Jo Hatch
Property: Agriculture Migration Acres II Lot 12
Price: $71,000

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