Real Estate Transactions for June 11 |

Real Estate Transactions for June 11

Seller: David J. and Karen J. Knez

Buyer: Kevin Claus and Errica Hume

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 10 Blk. 3, 1940 Crockett Dr.

Price: $165,000

Seller: Kevin Claus and Errica J. Hume

Buyer: Bridget Colbert

Property: Craig View N2 Lot 29, All Lot 30-32 Blk. 29, 825 Washington St.

Price: $145,000

Seller: Stanton and Ruth Anne Greenwood

Buyer: Colorado River Water Conservation District

Property: Agriculture T7N R89W S9 Desc.

Price: $3,200

Seller: Kenneth Wayne and Cindy Dee Walters

Buyer: Michael and Michelle Cramer

Property: Craig View S2 Lot 16, All Lots 17-18 Blk. 10, 1134 Washington St.

Price: $140,000

Seller: Chester Morris Hinkle Sr. and Chester Morris Hinkle Jr.

Buyer: Gary J. and Diana L. Cook

Property: Johnson High Lot 7, 805 Johnson Way

Price: $87,000

Seller: Lynn and Sandra White Family Trust

Buyer: Richard E. and Donna J. Beason

Property: Agriculture T7N R90W S9 NW4 Desc., 450 County Road 210

Price: $379,000

Seller: CCRH LLC

Buyer: Douglas W. Ogden

Property: Pineridge Lots 19-40, 1A-40A, Lots on Juniper Drive and Place

Price: $55,500

Seller: Bailey L. and Ann A. Franklin

Buyer: David L. Puckett

Property: Riverview Sub Lots 6-7 Blk. 4, 2515 W. 3rd St.

Price: $198,000

Seller: Oil and Gas Equipment Corporation

Buyer: Jerry E. and Susan M. Crook

Property: Artesia, Original Lots 9-10 Blk. 1, 405 Triceratops Terrace

Price: $75,000

Seller: Benigno and Maria Landa

Buyer: 7-11 Ranch

Property: Weber Minor Lot 1, 725 County Road 15

Price: $27,000

Seller: Nancy M. Miles — PRD of Estate of Phillip R. Miles

Buyer: Salsa De Tomate Inc

Property: Craig View Lots 9-14 Blk. 5, Vacant Land on Pine Street

Price: $10,000

Seller: RR and Marcia H. Royster

Buyer: Segundina A. Saga and/or Thomas M. Rumley

Property: Agriculture T6N R95W S9 N2S2 Desc. Less Min Rights

Price: $50,000

Seller: RR and Marcia H. Royster

Buyer: William N. Robinson

Property: Agriculture T6N R95W S28 N2S2 Desc. Less Min Rights

Price: $16,000

Seller: RR and Marcia H. Royster

Buyer: John H. Mullen Revocable Trust

Property: Agriculture T6N R95W S28 SWSE Desc. Less Min Rights

Price: $12,000

Seller: Robert Razzano — Public Trustee

Buyer: Louis Pierre and Kaye Johnson

Property: Agriculture Migration Acres Lots 15-16

Price: $88,000

Seller: Robert Gary Schafer

Buyer: Derek M. and Barbara McCarty

Property: Artesia, Original Lots 17-18 Blk. 15

Price: $6,300

Seller: Charles A. and Kathy Rohrer

Buyer: James A. and Rosalee Rohrer

Property: Woodbury Addition Lot 3 Blk. 6, 370 Woodbury Dr.

Price: $116,500

Seller: Ralph A. Cantafio PC

Buyer: Allan D. Reishus

Property: State Addition Filing #2 Lot 4 Blk. 3, 601 Sandrock Dr.

Price: $206,300

Seller: Allan Dale Reishus

Buyer: Ralph A. Cantafio PC

Property: Mount View Lots 5-7 Blk. 5, 1272 Barclay St.

Price: $138,800

Seller: Gilbert L. Langdon

Buyer: Chris D. and Melinda A. Christopher

Property: Sunbird Lot 28, 425 Valley View Dr.

Price: $145,000

Seller: Leonard J. and Kristi M. Hankins

Buyer: Dale Kruse

Property: Meadows Second Addition Lot 15 Blk. 13, 2036 2nd St. West

Price: $2,000

Seller: Westley Du Pont

Buyer: Harry F. Herndan Jr. and Sadie K. Herndon and Dennis N. Bugay

Property: Craig Original Lots 14-15 Blk. 23, 638 Barclay St.

Price: $113,000

Seller: Neil McCandless and Leo K. and Jean Tucker Revocable Trusts

Buyer: David Garner

Property: Agriculture T9N R90W Various Sections Desc.

Price: $190,000

Seller: Brian K. and Brenda C. Haynes

Buyer: Adam T. and Frances Padilla

Property: Woodbury Addition Lots 18-19 Blk. 3, 372 Birch St.

Price: $165,500

Seller: Henry Cook and Georgie C. Taylor

Buyer: Stephen J. and Judeth L. Shelton

Property: Agriculture T4N R96W Various Sections

Price: $2,500,000

Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company

Buyer: Ted and Maureen Niemi

Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 28 Blk. 1B, 901 Van Dorn Dr.

Price: $153,000

Seller: Jay H. Rodewald

Buyer: Justin M. and Courtney J. Jenison

Property: Ridgeview Sub Planned Unit Development Lots 28-30 Blk. 7, 3840, 3834, 3846 6th St. West

Price: $20,000

Seller: WHA-Craig Partners LLC

Buyer: Home Town Homes Inc.

Property: Shadow Mountain Sunrise Addition Lot 3, 1154 Sunrise Lane

Price: $13,000

Seller: Home Town Homes Inc.

Buyer: William W. and Ramona M. Green

Property: Shadow Mountain Sunrise Addition Lot 3, 1154 Sunrise Lane

Price: $108,900

Seller: Walter R. and Barbara L. Ducey

Buyer: Craig and Vicky Donahoe

Property: Artesia, Original Lot 26 Blk. 8, 203 Ceratosaurus Circle

Price: $22,000

Seller: Rex Ross Walker and Anne P. Livingston

Buyer: Mark D. and Diona M. Barber

Property: Sunbird Lot 6, Vacant Land

Price: $24,000

Seller: Robert Razzano — Public Trustee

Buyer: Citimortgage Inc.

Property: Artesia, South Lot 7-8 Blk. 1, 409 Triceratops Terrace

Price: $39,968

Seller: Robert Razzano — Public Trustee

Buyer: Wells Fargo Bank

Property: Agriculture Migration Acres II Lot 17, 205 Johnson View Road

Price: $161,138

Seller: Clayton J. and Jaime L. Trevenen

Buyer: Sarah Ann Ayres

Property: Country Club Lot 7 Blk. C, 1088 East 7th St.

Price: $58,000

Seller: Veenstra Investments LLC

Buyer: Mike LeWarne

Property: Rosedale Addition Lot 39 & South Lot 40 Blk. 4, 657 Rose St.

Price: $26,500

Seller: Bret L. and Sheli A. Steele

Buyer: Ernest J. Perry

Property: County Res/Subs Various Townships & Ranges, 62801 Highway 40, Maybell

Price: $157,500

Seller: Cheryl L. Bailey

Buyer: Douglas Allan and Nancy Ann Berryhill

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 37 Blk. 1, 820 Bridger Circle

Price: $155,000

Seller: Craig Rural Fire Protection District

Buyer: D&S Lanes LLC

Property: Beyer Minor Lot 4B of the replat of Lot 4, Vacant land on Industrial Avenue

Price: $100,000

Seller: JPMorgan Chase Bank

Buyer: Daniel E. and Amanda M. Arnold

Property: Martin Subdivision Lot 2, 315 Woodbury Dr.

Price: $146,000

Seller: Albert W. Savage III and Mary Jane Savage

Buyer: Douglas W. Ogden

Property: Bakers Peak Tract 2

Price: $36,000

Seller: Barbara E. Barker

Buyer: John B. Snyder

Property: Skull Creek Heights Lot 3,Vacant County Road 104, Dinosaur

Price: $2,000

Seller: Wachovia Mortgage Corporation

Buyer: Julie A. and William D. Dempster

Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 20 Blk. 4, 1150 Sequoia Avenue

Price: $66,500

Seller: Belarmino A. and Trudy R. Santistevan

Buyer: Yoleta Joy Trujillo

Property: Agriculture Santistevan Parcels Phase III Lot 19

Price: $75,000

Seller: Ralph A Cantafio PC

Buyer: William P. and Shauana L. Chamberlain

Property: Mount View Lots 5-7 Blk. 5, 1272 Barclay St.

Price: $145,000

Seller: James A. Sharpe

Buyer: Robert R. and Janet M. Livingston

Property: North Rancho Lots 1, 10-11 Blk. 3, 1060 Dunn Drive

Price: $325,000

Seller: Dale Kruse

Buyer: Linda M. Cown Et Al

Property: Meadows Second Addition Lot 3 Blk. 12, 259 Bilsing St.

Price: $235,000

Seller: Barbara Emily Barker

Buyer: Michael J. and Kathryn H. Thompson

Property: Skull Creek Estates Lot 6, Vacant land in Dinosaur

Price: $3,500

Seller: Laura A. Tyler

Buyer: Charles Lee Fuller Sr., and Laverne Renee Fuller

Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 43-44 Blk. 2, 675 Lincoln St.

Price: $115,000

Seller: Cindy K. and Tyson Amon

Buyer: Timothy M. Novotny

Property: Mount View Lots 32-33 Blk. 9, 1133 Barclay St.

Price: $134,000

Seller: Gloria E. Codute

Buyer: Jeffery Dale and Timberly Gail Baysinger

Property: Pineridge Filing #3 Lot 13 Blk. 6, 2989 Pinon Court

Price: $216,500

Seller: Lou Dean Jacobs

Buyer: Jeffrey P. Devere and Roberta Brooks

Property: Gadd Subdivision All of Blk. I, 10793 County Road 134

Price: $115,000

Seller: Ramon D. Alire

Buyer: PNA Holding and Development Inc

Property: Artesia, South E48′ Lots 17-18 Blk. 8, 290 East 5th Street, Dinosaur

Price: $10,000

Seller: Linda A. Booker

Buyer: Larry J. Welker and Judith M. Kostur

Property: Craig Original Lot 29 Blk. 30, 519 Yampa Avenue

Price: $90,000

Seller: Byron Ray and Kim Lee Willems

Buyer: Douglas W. Ogden

Property: Pineridge Filing #3 Lot 24 Blk. 6, 2950 Pine Ridge Dr.

Price: $29,900

Seller: CCRH LLC

Buyer: Pine Ridge Phase 1 LLC

Property: Pineridge PUD Lots 43 & 43A, Lots on Douglas St. and Juniper Dr.

Price: $46,800

Seller: Jay M. Rust Et Al

Buyer: Eric L. and Keri A. Hamilton

Property: Agriculture T9N R90W S17,20 Desc.

Price: $200,000

Seller: Frances C. Davis

Buyer: James D. and Christine Adams

Property: Wilderness Ranch Filing #3 Lots 100-101, 341 Dipper Lane

Price: $24,000

Seller: Daniel F. and Sharon A. Berg

Buyer: Craig and Grace Dorethy

Property: Mount View Lots 8-11 Blk. 5, 1260 Barclay St.

Price: $175,000

Seller: Ernest, Nila, and William J. Schukar

Buyer: Jason Ahlstrom

Property: County Res/Subs T7N R91W S21 Lot 12 Desc., 3361 County Road 7

Price: $109,000

Seller: Marvin Cortner

Buyer: Gerry L. Pritchard

Property: Craig Original Lots 22-24 Blk. 15, 700 Tucker Street

Price: $137,000

Seller: Sheila M. Brennise

Buyer: Travis Nash and Jennifer Duncan

Property: Elkhead Estates Lot 1, 15 Elkhead Lane

Price: $149,000

Seller: William C. Haibach

Buyer: TCO Business Inc

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 875, 3504 Routt Forest Drive

Price: $75,000

Seller: Leonard J. and Krisi M. Hankins

Buyer: James C. Worster

Property: Meadows Second Addition Lot 16 Blk. 13, 2028 West 2nd Street

Price: $155,000

Seller: James C. and Angela D. Worster

Buyer: Travis S. and Karen V. Johnson

Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 2 Blk. 5, 1041 Harris Drive

Price: $262,700

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