Real estate transactions for Feb. 2005 |

Real estate transactions for Feb. 2005

Seller: Charles M. Jr. and Kelly A. Davidson
Buyer: Sheila Brennise
Property: Agriculture T7N R89W Sec 20 AKA Parcel A Davidson Exemp Plat, 2003 County Rd 29
Price: $171,000
Seller: Guy T. Shefstead
Buyer: Sam D. Ares Jr. and Robert J. Howsey
Property: Agriculture Various Townships and Ranges
Price: $48,000
Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association
Buyer: Dennis and Lynn Falloon
Property: Sunbird Lot 17, 600 Valley View Drive
Price: $84,500
Seller: Dale L. Kruse
Buyer: Arthur R. and Nancy L. Smith
Property: Craig South Highlands Replat Parcel B, 750 2nd Ave. South
Price: $260,000
Seller: James D. and Susan P. Andrews
Buyer: Charles and Mary K. Clark
Property: Ridgeview Sub Filing #1 Lot 13 Blk. 8, 3718 Westridge Court
Price: $159,000
Seller: Ron Alexander Jr.
Buyer: Robert J. Howsey and Sam D. Ares Jr.
Property: Estey Ranch Tract A, T6N R91W S11, 1701 Wheatridge Dr.
Price: $245,000
Seller: Mary A. Mc Gill
Buyer: Craig Michael Salbato
Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 20 Blk. 7, PUD, 3884 West 6th St.
Price: $77,000
Seller: Moffat County, A Body Politic
Buyer: Efficiency Lodge Inc
Property: Craig Original Lots 31-32 Blk. 14, 731 Yampa Ave.
Price: $102,000
Seller: Peter John and Linda S. Nichols
Buyer: Lonnie Gustin and Yvonne Fredrickson
Property: AgricultureT7N R91W S19, S30, S24 Desc.
Price: $198,000
Seller: Richard M. and Michele A. Carroll
Buyer: Safe Harbour Eat-XIV LLC
Property: Victory Heights Tracts 42, 44, 46, 48, 807 Legion St.
Price: 1,050,000
Seller: Pierre Johnson and Kaye Family Trust
Buyer: Kenneth J. and Christine W. Counts
Property: Migration Acres 4, Lot 25, 149 South Mistletoe Court
Price: $64,000
Seller: Irma and Thomas E. Mileski
Buyer: Cody S. Draper
Property: Victory Heights, Lot 1A in Blk. 5 & Lot 19A in Blk. 6 of replat, Vacant Lot on Country Club Drive
Price: $41,000
Seller: Moffat County, A Body Politic
Buyer: Michael Albert Camilletti Sr.
Property: Craig Original Lots 25-26 Blk. 15, 115 East 7th St.
Price: $114,900
Seller: Kelly R. and Joanna L. Hatten
Buyer: Joseph T. and Erin E. Knez
Property: The Ridges, Lot 1
Price: $24,000
Seller: Moffat County, A Body Politic
Buyer: Gary E. Alice M. and Patrick G. Lintereur
Property: Craig Original, Lots 19-21 Blk. 15, 718 Tucker St.
Price: $130,000
Seller: Charles J. and Diane M. Sorrentino
Buyer: Stanley E. Sjostrom and Robin E. Hamill
Property: Ridgeview Sub Filing #2 Lot 11 Blk. 1, 803 Exmoor Cr.
Price: $180,375
Seller: Alan and Sharon Fitzsimmons
Buyer: Dale A. Skidmore Jr.
Property: County Res/Subs T6N R91W S12 Desc., 1890 Highway 394
Price: $140,000
Seller: Virginia Hubbard and Larry Kunkle
Buyer: James H. Solace
Property: Sand Springs Sub, Lot 28, Filing #3, 800 Behrman St.
Price: $25,000
Seller: Dale Skidmore
Buyer: Dale Kruse
Property: Parcel A of replat Blk. 7 & 8, Craig Highlands South, 920 South 2nd Ave.
Price: $217,000
Seller: Clayton J. and Jaime Trevenen
Buyer: Tammie L. Thompson
Property: State Addition Lots 10-12, S3′ Lot 13 Blk. 6, 1036 Breeze St.
Price: $174,900
Seller: Clyde R. and Sally J. Anderson
Buyer: Michael J. Serrano and Laurel A. Martin
Property: County Res/Subs Powers Estates Lot 4, 36217 Highway 13/447 County Rd. 21
Price: $252,500
Seller: Robert M. Saltzmann Jr. and Alison Saltzmann
Buyer: Darrell N. Abbott
Property: Crest Village, Lot 3 Blk. 5, 873 Finley Ln.
Price: $160,000
Seller: Richard E. Bower II
Buyer: Jeremiah Noland
Property: Craig Original Lots 41-42 Blk. 10, 767 Taylor St.
Price: $91,000
Seller: Gonzalo Ayala and Claudia Quezada
Buyer: Silvestre Quezada
Property: Lot 9 Blk. 2 Filing #1, 425 Sage Ct.
Price: $9,000
Seller: CST Motors INC
Buyer: Tom C. and Dedra A. Maneotis
Property: Pineridge Subdivision Filing #1 Blk. 4 Lot 2-3, 2705 1st St. West
Price: $150,000
Seller: Richard B. Keuthan and Annette M. Norton
Buyer: Frank B. Welsh and Theresa M. Berrien
Property: Wilderness Ranch Filing #8 Lot 680, 1006 Sprout Dr.
Price: $12,000
Seller: Markus A. and Elizabeth M. Dietrich
Buyer: Kozy Homes INC
Property: Shadow Mountain Filing #1 Lot 27 Blk. 6, 1123 Cottonwood Ave.
Price: $57,474
Seller: Douglas A. Schneider Jr.
Buyer: Tye W. Hammonds and Christine M. Schneider
Property: Wheatland Heights Lot 8 Filing #1, 4963 County Rd 30
Price: $36,500
Seller: Richard E. and Nancy L. Lorimer
Buyer: Loretta M. Young
Property: Artesia, Original Lots 24-25 Blk. 8, 205 & 207 Ceratosaurus Circle
Price: $115,000
Seller: Clettus W. Daus
Buyer: Kozy Homes INC
Property: Valley View N62′ Lot 6, S8′ Lot 5, Blk. 3, 828 Stout St.
Price: $100,000
Seller: The Dallas-Johnson LLC
Buyer: James A. McPherson
Property: Agriculture T5N R90W S3&4 Desc.,
Price: $208,000
Seller: Adrian Najera
Buyer: Joseph D. Stillwell
Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 13 Blk. 6, 609 Hockett Circle
Price: $90,400
Seller: Frank J. and Kay M. Theaman
Buyer: Carl R. and Teena L. Ray
Property: Theaman Minor Lot 1A of the replat of Lot 1, 1380 West 3rd St.
Price: $135,000
Seller: Gary and Hilda Martinez
Buyer: Robert Allen Dykstra and John Burgess
Property: Agriculture T4N R91W S34 Lots 14-15 Desc., Vacant Land on County Rd. 43
Price: $156,950
Seller: Robert Steele Trust and Doris Steele Trust
Buyer: Jason G. and Kimberlee Tomlinson
Property: Craig Original Lots 6-8 Blk. 10, 770 Barclay St.
Price: $169,000
Seller: Centex Home Equity Company LLC
Buyer: Sterling C. and Tara M. Ross
Property: Craig View Lots 20-21 Blk. 26, 920 Legion St.
Price: $115,900
Seller: Ronald L. and Carol A. Erisman
Buyer: Christopher J. Nichols
Property: Commercial Erisman Replat Lot 2 aka Parcel C, Vacant Lot on Doyan Ave.
Price: $25,000
Seller: Leslie E. and Rose Hutton
Buyer: John G. and Marianna Raftopoulos
Property: Craig Original Lots 37-40 Blk. 31, 551 and 561 Russell St.
Price: $200,000
Seller: Bruce H. and Kathleen Seely Brennise, Co-Representatives of Estate of Hugh Seely
Buyer: John E. and Marissa David
Property: Sunset Addition Lots 1-7 Blk. 2, 784 Ranney St.
Price: $82,500
Seller: Bruce H. and Kathleen Seely Brennise, Co-Representatives of Estate of Margaret C. Seely
Buyer: John E. and Marissa David
Property: Sunset Addition Lots 1-7 Blk. 2, 784 Ranney St.
Price: $82,500
Seller: Monse D. Gonzalez
Buyer: Douglas E. and Patricia A. Davis
Property: North Rancho Estates Filing #1 Lot 3 Blk. 2, 328 Johnson Loop
Price: $25,000
Seller: James L. and Pamela Gene Gerber
Buyer: Franklin L. and Jean E. Stetson
Property: Agriculture T7N R92W S32 N2SE4, S2NE4, Desc., 857 County Rd. 74
Price: $305,000

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