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Ray Cartwright: Paying gas at Craig prices

To the editor:

I heard on KRAI where Ken Brenner has come out asking about the major differences in the gas prices between the towns in the valley.

I seem to remember in the past several investigations that stated that there was no price fixing or gouging going on in the valley. Good for Mr. Brenner for asking the question, but I wonder why this hasn’t been happening long before now?

There might not be any way to prove any such thing, but shame on the local gas outlets for taking advantage of the working person who has to get out to the oil fields, mines, or the power plant.

Maybe a big sign on the south and west side of town beside the welcome to Craig sign there should be a notice big enough to read from the highway.

“Gas is cheaper in Steamboat Springs or Baggs.” A sign also could be placed on the Craig side of Steamboat Springs and Baggs, Wyo., saying “Last chance for gas before you have to pay Craig prices.”

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Ray Cartwright