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Randy Sloan: What a great community

To the editor:

I just want to thank all our family, friends, neighbors, strangers and all the great people in this community that has given our family love and support in a difficult time.
 With the sudden, unexpected passing of my wife, Marti, the overwhelming support of all these people is unbelievable. It reminds me why I have lived in Craig, Colorado, for 25 years. Cindel, a person I have never even met, came to our house with groceries, supplies and a good long talk with very helpful support. The Malvitz family bringing us food and support. All the flowers, cards, phone calls and help our family has received, during this very difficult time, has been unbelievable. It is very appreciated and very helpful.
Good people, like all of you, is what will keep our small community strong, no matter what happens. 

Randy Sloan