Public comment open on existing Moffat County natural gas plant |

Public comment open on existing Moffat County natural gas plant

Eleanor C. Hasenbeck
Derrick hand Jason Hammond, left, relays signals from Ryan LeMay to driver Jerry Champlin near the Wyoming state line in Moffat County in 2017. The Continental Industries workers spent two days capping an old natural gas well before returning to Casper, Wyo.
Dan Olsen/File

CRAIG — The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is accepting public comment on a drafted air quality permit for a natural gas plant already operating in Moffat County.

The permit is related to Dominion Energy’s Skill Creek Dew Point Plant, located near the Wyoming border in central Moffat County.

Don Porter, a senior communications specialist at Dominion Energy, said the plant was permitted along with several other projects in the area, including a compressing station owned by a subsidiary company. When his company sold the subsidiary firm, the permit covered projects from the two different companies. Now, Dominion is working to permit the plant individually.

“Nothings changing. The emissions, if there are any there, are all the same,” Porter said. “They used to have them all permitted in aggregate, and now, they’ll just separate it out.”

Residents can submit public comment online or by emailing Comments can also be sent by mail to: Conor Whetsel, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, APCD-SS-B1, Denver, CO 80246.


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