Providing Good Vibes to the Moffat County community |

Providing Good Vibes to the Moffat County community

The newest dispensary in Craig sells a multitude of different weed-related products.

The staff of the Good Vibes Rocky Mountain Dispensary poses in front of the edibles section of the store. (Max O’Neill / Craig Press)

The Good Vibes Rocky Mountain Dispensary is working on bringing the marijuana needs to the Moffat County community from their store on 820 W. Victory Way. The store is the newest dispensary in Craig having only been opened by 21-year-old Dylan Barlean on Feb 26.

The dispensary’s license was approved on November 26 by city council. That process was a stressful one for Barlean. As a result the store had a grand opening in late February with gifts for the first 50 people through the door and had local food truck Be Crepeful there as well.

“It could be a little touch and go. There were certain obstacles that stood in our way, regarding location and stuff like that; getting approval on the location from certain board members was a little tough,” Barlean said. “But ultimately we were able to come to an agreement.”

When marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2012, Barlean was a young teen, and he started to read up what that meant for the state and the laws that were passed. As a result of that reading he became interested in opening a dispensary and filed the paperwork to open up Good Vibes on his 21st birthday.

The store sells different weed products from the plant itself to sodas and candies to concentrates, and even pet products. The highest seller has been the flowers, Barlean said.The store sells bottom shelf, mid shelf and top shelf strains, which is much like alcohol as an indicator of price — and in some shops — quality of the high that one will get when consuming it.

“Our best selling item is our lucky charms flower, and that is a mid-shelf flower,” Barlean said.

The one product that they have to keep stocked is the bottom shelf flower, because people are purchasing a lot of it. The store is very emphatic on the fact that they have good prices and good deals for customers. As a result Barlean says the customer reaction has been very positive.

“So far, everybody that leaves here has been very excited. They like that we have a very new approach to what a dispensary is, with our layout and just kind of the whole idea behind it. It’s not intimidating, it’s a very inviting environment and they really enjoy that,” Barlean said. “We’ve got a really friendly staff and a good uplifting place with great prices. Everybody really seems to like it.”

The store gets weekly or twice weekly shipments of products from wholesalers to stock their shelves. It is somewhat more complicated than that though.

“Typically, we just look at our sales and determine what we need to reorder and we will place that reorder late in the week and expect that order mid in the following week,” Barlean said.

The store is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. through 9 p.m., and can be reached on their website, and by phone at 970-620-4667.

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