Proud, Involved MCHS Teachers: Editorial was all wrong |

Proud, Involved MCHS Teachers: Editorial was all wrong

To the editor:

We were disappointed in your generalization of teachers and their lack of commitment on the recently created community broads, financially and apparently in the classroom.

Speaking only for ourselves — although we know many other teachers do the same and even more — we are not involved on one of the boards because we feel our involvement is on the school side and we do not want any editorial board or other community member to cry foul if a cause we are involved in were to receive funding.

When we have a contribution to make we will be contacting the appropriate group.

We each spend, at the minimum, $400-500 hundred every year on fundraisers and miscellaneous supplies, which aid our instruction for various activities in our classroom. We personally do not like fundraising, but it is one-way groups use to support their organization.

We think the community boards are on the right track to look to other ways for funding.

It is obvious you have no personal relationship with a teacher or you would know that many hours are spent outside the classroom — from attending meetings, grading papers and completing lesson plans to attending school activities and even supporting students in non-school activities.

Yes, we get the summers off, and we receive a paycheck during those months, but our salary is for the months we work — the school year ­— our salary for 9 months is dispersed over 12 months.

If we kept track of all the hours we spend during those 9 months and calculated our hourly wage it would be much less than what most of the general public realizes. We are not complaining this is just the nature of the job.

We challenge you as a board to get your facts right before you make incorrect conclusions.

Did you contact the three boards and as if they even allow teachers to be on their boards or is conflict of interest an issue? Did you interview any teachers to ask if they are on the boards and/or are contributing to fundraisers? Did you contact the school district on the financial matters you quoted?

I am guessing not as you would have written a very different editorial.


Bettina Magas

Cindy Morris

Liane Davis-Kling

Proud, Involved MCHS Teachers


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